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  1. Scheduled home charging not following the schedule?

    I've always had the vehicle scheduled to begin home charging at 12 am, but recently it's started to charge at 10 or 11 pm despite the schedule. Anyone else experiencing similar issues? (Our utility is time-of-use, and our off peak window starts at 12 am, so this glitch in scheduled charging is...
  2. R1S pre-price increase owners - What R1S configuration would you get if ordering today?

    As a May 2019 pre-order, I was very fortunate to get a Launch Edition R1S with a free AT wheel upgrade for the original price of $75,500. At today's price's, that configuration (quad motor, large pack, "All-Terrain Upgrade") costs at least $95,600. The "base" model (dual-motor, standard pack...
  3. Rivian Could Be on the Brink of a Huge Rally: Why It's a Buy Now (according to Motley Fool)

    https://www.fool.com/investing/2023/03/21/rivian-could-be-on-the-brink-of-a-huge-rally-why-i/ As someone who recently went long on Rivian stock, I sure hope this assessment is accurate. Hoping that increased production rate, beginning deliveries of dual motor and Max Pack variants, and...
  4. R1S owners, what's your average mi/kWh so far?

    We took delivery of our S with 20" AT wheels last November. After 3,500 miles driven, we're averaging about 1.9 mi/kWh.
  5. R1S deliveries at/from Costa Mesa (CA) Service Center?

    Hi all. My R1S VIN was assigned on Oct. 20, and I'm (not so) patiently waiting for news of the vehicle's arrival at the Costa Mesa SC, where I'm told it will undergo pre-delivery inspection (PDI) before (hopefully) being cleared for delivery. If you've taken, or will soon be taking, R1S...
  6. R1S: Time between config lock and VIN/8 steps?

    Happy to report that I received the email to confirm my configuration today. Immediately confirmed and saw that I had a guide assigned, too. For those who've already taken delivery or are in the purchase/delivery process, how long did it take to get your VIN/8 steps once you confirmed your config?