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  1. Gavinmcc

    Rivian Scale Model Cars Coming Soon 😉

    When I walk away from it, will it chirp at me? limestone R1T wit at 20s
  2. Gavinmcc

    R3 - appeal to R1S owners

    R3x Damn. I thought I was done buying “cars.” I’m gonna have a hard time not adding that to my household.
  3. Gavinmcc

    Am I the Only One Who Thinks R3 Looks Dated Circa 1980s

    More Lancia Rally but… Personally I love it. But my first car was a green AMC Gremlin. :)
  4. Gavinmcc

    Hello from Discount Tire!

    Oh, and is there a tire you recommend for the R1T 20” AT that is a bit quieter than the standard tire :) ive ridden in a 21” R1T and it’s quite a bit more chill ;)
  5. Gavinmcc

    Hello from Discount Tire!

    Do all store have the pucks/experience at Rivian tire rotation? I’m here in New Mexico and wondering about getting mine done. On AT 20’s and only 7k miles, but it’s been a year so…
  6. Gavinmcc

    How to Activate Your Rivian R1T Bed Camera With Tailgate Down While in Reverse

    I will agree with all who think this should be automatically set to "On" :)
  7. Gavinmcc

    If true, and with GM truck delay, Rivian stock should…

    Drop? Stock market is weird Elon Musk: 'We dug our own grave with the Cybertruck...
  8. Gavinmcc

    Powered Tonneau Retrofit Coming in Gear Shop for ALL R1Ts

    What does it mean? FREE TONNEAU!! :) (not really)
  9. Gavinmcc

    Powered Tonneau Retrofit Coming in Gear Shop for ALL R1Ts

    I got a photo in the new “mailbag” maybe they will give me a cover for it ;)
  10. Gavinmcc

    Powered Tonneau Retrofit Coming in Gear Shop for ALL R1Ts

    I'm in the "donut hole" where I don't have the wiring. I would LOVE a (fully functioning) powered cover. I don't care if I have to use the center console or the app to open it. Guess I'll wait on a manual cover a while longer to see what Rivian offers.
  11. Gavinmcc

    Free data ending soon?

    FREE Data!!
  12. Gavinmcc

    Small knocking sound when vehicle starts

    Is yours set to Kneel at parking? Compressor raising wheels can make some sounds during first mile.
  13. Gavinmcc

    Rivian "Joe Mode"

    For my wife I want a Gas Mode; Creep and a Gas Mode; Hold. She was fine with my Bolt as she could drive it in D and it acted like a gas car. And I could drive it in L and have single pedal goodness. Over time I expect most people to live a single pedal driving life, but for the people who have...