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  1. jambaman84

    Possible lemon.. need help

    We bought our R1S in Sept 2023. Absolutely love the vehicle, best car we’ve had. But my god we’ve had so many issues with it. In the last 7 months of ownership, we’ve had to take it to the service center 8 or 9 times. Multiple times for wind noise, steering wheel clicking noise, alignment...
  2. jambaman84

    Best Car Wash Soap

    Hey everyone, What's everyone using to wash their cars? Any particular soap that's better than the others? Thank you.
  3. jambaman84

    My R1T purchased from Shop with powered tonneau cover was delivered without the cover

    I just took delivery of a dual motor, standard+ range with a powered tonneau cover. Except… the powered tonneau cover wasn’t on the truck. I had to show the service center that the truck I bought had a powered tonneau cover. So they said put in a ticket and whenever they get them in stock, they...
  4. jambaman84

    2024 Tax Credit

    I'm about to pick up my R1T next weekend. My guide said that I would qualify for the $3750 tax credit (vehicle is under 80k). But Rivian would do a point of purchase credit. Instead, I would have to file for the credit next year. Is there a form that I need to fill out to do this? Or I have to...
  5. jambaman84

    Purchasing a Demo Vehicle -- experience / feedback?

    Has anyone purchased a demo vehicle yet? I just ordered one last night. Its a 2022 R1T with 5k miles on it. Vin is 7xxx .. Does anyone have a R1T with a vin that low.. if so, have you had any issues with it? I am assuming this should have the Meridian sound speakers (which I would love) I'm...
  6. jambaman84

    EV Tax Credit

    So Rivian has stated that the R2 will qualify for the full 7500 tax credit (point of purchase credit). This means the battery will come from either USA or a country that is in good standing with USA. So my question is, if this is the case, why can't they use that battery on the R1, and that...
  7. jambaman84

    Best Color to Not Show Dirt

    Hey everyone, Currently own a white R1S and now want to buy an R1T.. The R1S is in the garage, so it's safe from all the elements. The truck will be parked outside in the driveway. What color would you guys recommend that doesn't show a lot of dirt?
  8. jambaman84

    New Battery Pack coming soon says Rivian... combination High Nickel and LFP cells 🔋

    Was just talking to Rivian about what battery is better, LFP or what they currently have.. and this is what they told me.. We are using an NCA battery cell chemistry in these packs. Later this year, we’ll introduce an LFP battery cell chemistry for our Standard pack as previously announced. We...
  9. jambaman84

    LPF Battery or What they have now

    So as most know, Rivian introduced the Standard pack and Standard+. I spoke to Rivian who said currently the Standard and Standard+ both use the same battery chemistry as the Large and Max pack. But they will switch to LFP later in the summer for Standard Packs. I'm not sure which is better...
  10. jambaman84

    Corte Madera RAN

    Anyone been to this RAN lately? It still shows on the app as free charging.. but wasn't sure if that was an error or not. Curious why this one would still be free and not the others.. (hoping they keep it free.. love to go Muir Woods on a day trip, and charging here for free would be amazing)
  11. jambaman84

    Parking your Rivian outside

    Has anyone purchased either the T or S and kept their car parked outside instead of the garage let me know how the wear and tear has been for the paint. Any issues you guys have had with parking outside? Thanks
  12. jambaman84

    Running Boards

    Hey everyone, Does anyone live in the Sacramento area and know of a place that can install running boards? Also, any recommendations for what the best running board is?
  13. jambaman84

    Any Update to RAN pay or free?

    Hi All, As most of you know, the RAN (Rivian Adventure Network) was supposed to become a pay-to-use network starting in April/May. We're almost to August and it's still free (thank god). I have asked Rivian if/when they plan on changing this, and they stated they haven't heard anything about...
  14. jambaman84

    R1S -- Dual, Performance or Quad Motor

    Hi All, I pre-ordered the R1S in March 2022 (missed the price lock by 20 days). I had originally ordered the dual motor. Now that it's out, at least on Rivian's config page, it states as 340 miles on 21s. I saw the EPA is 352 on 21s. For me, the Performance is a 5k upgrade, whereas the Quad...