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  1. Rivianation

    Why is RIVN market cap ($12 bln) only equal to cash on hand??

    What about the value of the factory and pre-order list and the revenue potential, intellectual property, etc etc ?? Don't these things have value now?
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    First service appointment - 1700 miles. 4 issues to fix.

    I have my first service appointment in Miami: Slight pull to the right (need to hold wheel slightly left to go straight) Driver's side suspension slightly lower (<1"). Seat venting stopped working Camera image shows dark patches, both sides of vehicle on 360 surround view. Its like there is...
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    Carabiner so fragile, I don't even carry it. :(

    The anodized aluminum sure is purty when new, but it nicks up really quick. I think they needed to make a more durable design for something that gets tossed around a lot and mixed in with keys, dropped, etc. I ended up just leaving it in the drawer for safe keeping which is possible because the...
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    TAP TAP TAP - Is this thing on?

    I know y'all exist, I've seen some of you out there. South Florida meet ups, anyone? I need to get my R1T dirty. The wax has been building up and now its way too shiny. :cool:
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    IIHS-crashed Rivians on Ebay

    I guess they don't just toss 'em in the trash. This seller gets all the leftovers. (search: rivian for sale | eBay ) WARNING: GRAPHIC
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    Angry RAM TRX drivers last night

    I supposed I picked the wrong night to cruise around with the Rivian due to all the political turmoil yesterday, but man the Rexers were angry. I have nothing to prove to these idiots, but to them every light a challenge, traffic be damned! These guys are nutzo as were any diesel pickup driver I...
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    Uh, you're gonna need a bigger garage!

    My Rivian R1T arrives in my driveway in 2 days. Of all the prep I did planning this purchase, the garage space was not something I remotely thought of recently. I have a 2-car garage after all and when I made my original order in 12/2021, I remember measuring things out for a perfect fit. A...
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    SW Florida - Lazy Springs Recreation Park ??

    Anyone go here with their Rivian yet? Looks like fun. Home (lazysprings.com)
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    Nearing the finish, my Guide has been awesome

    There have been a few complaints on here about people asking to change their guides or their guides are not very knowledgeable or forthcoming with info. I want people to know that some of the guides are awesome and answer every question or get it answered shortly. If you are really having...
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    All those unusable/broken charging stations...

    As my delivery day approaches, I am spending too much time on YouTube. I'm noticing a lot of reviews of people loving Rivian ownership except hating the travel charging situation with tons of anecdotal examples to prove it. It's not limited to Electrify America, either. Maybe vandalism...
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    Is swapping out two sets of wheels easy on a Rivian?

    Wondering if swapping out the wheels between two sets is as easy as Tesla, where you can do it yourself from home.
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    Rivian R1S Family Road Trip Test in the Colorado Mountains -- by Inside Hook

    "Our correspondent already had his reservation for the EV, but a family road trip through Colorado would confirm whether he wanted to keep it" LINK: A Rivian R1S Test Drive in the Colorado Mountains - InsideHook
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    Rivan.com too modest on safety

    Ranked: The safest large trucks for 2023 R1T gets high safety rating in "large truck" class yet Rivian.com makes no mention of it. Sure the average R1T buyer may not care much, but R1S buyers care. Maybe they should have laid off one less IT person to keep website current.
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    Early 'influencer' reviews didn't age so well

    It seems the recent software updates took care of a lot of gripes mentioned in multiple early (2021) Rivian reviews, and there is a lot of other low hanging fruit that will be fixed soon. I lot of these reviewers need to go back and amend some of those because they are wrong just at the point...
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    2 weeks after switching model to R1T, I got an email !

    ------------------------------------------- UPDATE: within 3 weeks of switching to R1T, they offered me a Feb-built 2023 LE matching my config. I didn't even need the shop link. The only difference between LE and Adv is that the wheel upgrade is free on LE (plus the badging), so I'm coming in...
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    "Change Model" from R1S to R1T maintains early pricing

    In case anyone was wondering, you are able to switch from an R1S to R1T (and vis-a-versa) with "Change Model" link, and keep early pricing. Warning: I have no idea if changing models will greatly affect your delivery date. For me, I was 12-18 months out on a R1S so I don't really give a crap...
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    "Rivian orders placed after 20% price hike appear to jump the line"

    Oh boy... Rivian has angered its early customers yet again with updated delivery dates this week. Rivian raised its vehicle prices last year and faced backlash. Now it seems the automaker is prioritizing delivery of its more expensive vehicles first...
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    Why doesn't Rivian badge the Quad?

    The dual motors will eventually enter the market which is good for Rivian's future, but they don't distinguish the quad motors from the others like Tesla does with both their long range and performance trims with the DUAL MOTOR and the red underline. Seems strange for marketing department to...
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    Rivan wants you to cancel your pre March '22 order [?]

    Am I too cynical? :rolleyes: If Rivian will lose some profit on the pre-March priced orders, wouldn't they love those orders to be customer-cancelled and those vehicles go to people who'll pay $17K more? The bad part is there is no way of really knowing if they are dicking around with these...
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    22" Sport Bright vs Sport Dark - Crazy pricing

    Rivian charges $1700 more for Sport Dark 22" wheels over the Brights, presumably because of the extra step of spraying the Sport Bright wheels with a black-tinted coat to create the Darks. It seems to me they can save us money by simply powder coating all 22"s then machining off the face of some...