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  1. Rivdog

    Beating the bird poop!

    My R1T lives outside in the driveway because my garage is a home gym. Unfortunately, the birds out here are on a seek and destroy mission against my Rivian. They sit on the rear fin, the bed, my bed rails, the side of the truck, and especially the mirrors, dropping poop bombs all day, every day...
  2. Rivdog

    Cupholder weight limit?

    I tried searching the forums, Reddit, and the owner’s manual but I couldn’t find a weight limit for the cupholders in the front center console. The manual mentions them on page 210 but doesn’t have any information. Has anyone ever broken the cupholders because they put too much weight in them...
  3. Rivdog

    Trying to not take the R1T for granted

    So I’m in the airport, having freshly turned in a Suburban rental and have some time to reflect on how great the R1T really is. It’s the first time I’ve ever driven one of the largest size SUV offerings from the big 3, and I wanted one for quite a while. I’ve wanted one for years because I have...
  4. Rivdog

    Oregon Sold: WTB 21” wheel and tire

    As soon as I had come to terms with not having a full size spare and just relying on a plug kit, I found a screw through one of my tires. Looks like a sign that I need a spare after all! I would be willing to buy a full set of used wheels and tires off someone so I could part them out while...
  5. Rivdog

    Rivian certified shop repair thoughts

    I made a very dumb mistake and managed to damage my driver’s door by backing into a call box. First time in about 20 years that I’ve had an avoidable at-fault collision and it’s pretty heartbreaking (since we can’t turn off regen braking, I simply pushed too hard on the pedal in an extremely...
  6. Rivdog

    Rivian x Yakima 3-person roof top tent (RTT) available in Gear Shop

    Priced at $2,800 and says it’s almost sold out. This is essentially a $300 premium to get a Rivian logo, a better color, and mounts that work with the Rivian crossbars. It’s a great tent, but it’s a bummer that it’s $300 more than the non-Rivian Skyrise HD 3. I’m still likely going to buy it...
  7. Rivdog

    Ford’s EV division is still losing about $60,000 on each vehicle it sells

    https://www.autoevolution.com/news/ford-model-e-division-lost-60k-on-every-electric-vehicle-it-sold-in-the-first-quarter-214411.html Ford is expected to lose about 3 billion dollars this year alone on its electric vehicles, and likens the situation to being an EV startup. Ford lost 722 million...
  8. Rivdog

    Rivian accessory port adapters (to attach some custom 80/20 extruded aluminum accessories)

    So I’m trying to come up with the best way to attach some custom 80/20 extruded aluminum accessories. The accessory ports for the cargo crossbars provide some major advantages over bed rails if I can find a good solution. Right now, it appears the only adapters I can find are made by Weistec...
  9. Rivdog

    Softopper bed cap for R1T?

    I really want a Softopper rather than a hard shell cap so I emailed them about product development. Today, a rep responded that a Softopper is indeed in development and was anticipated to be available in about 3 months if all goes well. That would mean approximately April 2023. Pretty excited to...