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  1. FirstStateR1T

    radio wont turn on

    I presently have this issue as well. AM / FM Radio "cannot connect" and default to off. I too have done the reset's, and have an open ticket to be seen on 2/21 with my pedal recall. I'm also noticing that my Spotify likes to give me a blank screen and wont update or display shows unless I go...
  2. FirstStateR1T

    Delaware 21" wheels as spares

  3. FirstStateR1T

    Rivian RAN chargers - Delaware i95

    Finally it is LIVE!
  4. FirstStateR1T

    What Mode and Height is Your Default?

    All Purpose, Standard Height, presently @ 46k miles in mostly AP/STD 90% of the time. Tire wear is nice and even on both my 21's and 20" AT's. Additionally I keep Regen on High, and only recently have I switched to Stiff for the suspension after that last OTA Update that made the suspension...
  5. FirstStateR1T

    Delaware Sold: 21" wheels as spares

    If anyone is in need of a full size spare I have 3 remaining 21" wheels with the Rivian center caps, tpms and used tires (32k). All of them have even treadwear or you can replace the tire if you wish. Either way, the wheels are clean, no rash, no dents, $250ea. Local pickup preferred, Newark...
  6. FirstStateR1T

    Rivian RAN chargers - Delaware i95

    Last night 10/3/23, I met with the Rivian guys doing the final touches on this RAN, them even asked me to plug in and test charge so that they could have 2 trucks charging at the same time. All went well, 218kW almost immediately! Stalls are wired as 2 pair of 3 stations. They said despite...
  7. FirstStateR1T

    10/7 - Rivian Meet-Up, Lum's Pond State Park

    Event is rain or shine, hope to see some of you there! Be sure to take advantage of all the park has to offer. Bring your Kayaks, SUP's, Bikes, etc! Book a tree top adventure with GoApe, meet new friends, etc...
  8. FirstStateR1T

    Rivian RAN chargers - Delaware i95

    I will check up daily this week on my commute...
  9. FirstStateR1T

    10/7 - Rivian Meet-Up, Lum's Pond State Park

    BUMP it up! If anyone is bringing their kids feel free to have them dress up for Halloween, and I will do my best to spread the word for owner to bring some treats for a Frunk or Treat! Fingers crossed we get the Spooky Update [S=0===0=N]...
  10. FirstStateR1T

    Someone put R1T to ultimate pickup truck test by hauling pallet of concrete mix in its bed

    Get yourself a WM Bagster and lose that tarp! Fits our beds great and even the crossbars will lock in the bag loops/straps all for the low low price of $30.
  11. FirstStateR1T

    Rivian RAN chargers - Delaware i95

    I figure my email will either go un-responded to, or a similar response. UPDATE: to my surprise I got a reply from the contractor, and Delmarva Power will be energizing the site very [S=0===0=N] and then the contractor will get their final inspections done immediately and look to go live with...
  12. FirstStateR1T

    Rivian RAN chargers - Delaware i95

    I drive past this location twice a day and it would be nice if we could get it operational!!! I've emailed the contractor to see if they can shed some light on the project.
  13. FirstStateR1T

    3.5 mi/KwH - Never thought I would ever see this

    I'd love the option to change that to 30, 45, 60min intervals.
  14. FirstStateR1T

    Suspension sensor links to lift truck

    You'd want to realign the truck at what would be your new normal ride height too. Excessive tire wear has been seen on those driving in ranges beyond All-Purpose Standard.
  15. Mid-Atlantic Rivian Club

    Mid-Atlantic Rivian Club

    Welcome everyone to the "CLUB" side of all things related to the Mid-Atlantic region of the US for Rivian owners.
  16. FirstStateR1T

    Affordable Winter Wheels Setup: Ram 2363

    I've had the 2363 RAM wheels on and off my T for 15k+ miles and its a great option for a cost effective wheel the run AT's and matched to the 21" or 22" OD. I may even do a second set with All-Season 20" tires for max range since the 21's are $$$ to replace.
  17. FirstStateR1T

    Limestone R1S w/ STEK DYNOmatte PPF wrap

    Reminds me of PPG DX320 Epoxy primer base coat... Love me some Limestone just not sure I like it in matte.
  18. FirstStateR1T

    R1S 355 is born - Sharing the joy 😎

    I spy 20" SRT rep's on the other black R1S, both look great!
  19. FirstStateR1T

    Rivian RAN chargers - Delaware i95

    HAHA, I could help myself and unzipped the bag for a little Rivian Nip Slip...
  20. FirstStateR1T

    Rivian RAN chargers - Delaware i95

    No Branding? There are Rivian RAN plaques and if you unzip the bag and peak they are RIVIAN chargers, lol... Hope we get these [S=0===0=N]