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  1. SANZC02

    Delivery canceled due to hail damage

    I agree, most of the damage was the hood, I told him I would replace the hood if I were him.
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    Delivery canceled due to hail damage

    A buddy of mine was driving in Missouri a couple weeks ago, got caught in a hail storm in his Honda Ridgeline, no glass broken, had 20 dings only 1 had fractured paint, the rest were clean dimples.
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    Electrify America PlugShare Trends by Region

    @Budman Thanks for posting, it is interesting to see most of the averages are 8+, will be interesting to see this over wider ranges in the future posts I agree, the biggest issue at least from what I see in Southwest is there are so many cars with free charging that the stations are usually...
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    EV Sportline Running Board Experience

    I had the end of one side with some nicks around the welds, I used this to cover it and it blended in and has held up well. You might want to open the bag, the TP55 is small it may be in there but you can pick one up at most hardware stores or Amazon. They are easier to install than it appears...
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    Any leaks around 2024.15 yet?

    Absolutely the changes bring in an entirely new hardware stack so moving forward the validation process will take more effort. I’m just wondering if this is going to be the new normal or if this is a particularly large update.
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    Any leaks around 2024.15 yet?

    This has certainly been the longest stretch between when we have seen the updates hit the beta machines (2024.11 hit beta machines on 3/29/2024). I’m starting to wonder if this one is going to have layout changes like they were showing in the R2 or if this will be the new normal now that they...
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    Any updates on receiving the Tesla charging adapter?

    It will come, mine was about 12 days after I got the label created message. Seems like mine got stuck in customs entering New Youk.
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    Class action suit against Rivian

    It will surprise me if this goes anywhere. All of their 10k filings have tons of warnings about their ability to succeed. It will be even harder seeing that the stock did go up after the IPO so anyone buying on day 1 of the IPO could have made money if they sold prior to 1/9/2022.
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    Any updates on receiving the Tesla charging adapter?

    They certainly will need a better plan than that. They probably have delivered north of 75k R1 vehicles at this point, that would be 75 months just for what is delivered already. Once they start the line again they will get to averaging 1k+ a week meaning every 4 weeks they fall 3 more months...
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    Rivian Lands on "Predicted" Recall List

    Interesting the Rivian R1S is on the list but not the R1T. I think the only non-OTA recall I had was the backup lights on my R1S.
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    What 's the best way to deal with scratches like these?

    Actually a bottle of polishing compound and some rags will probably take most of that out.
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    Supercharging limitation - is this new?

    Pretty sure that is a limit on the non-Tesla account for the discounts. If you do not use the Tesla account for the discount I have not seen that limit anywhere. Traveling you can certainly use up a limit of 5 sessions in a day. In a cross country trip in my Tesla I had several days where...
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    Tesla is backtracking and hiring some people back for the supercharger team(s)

    What about Elon using Tesla engineers to do work for his other companies and poaching top employees from Tesla to work on pet projects at other companies? Edit: Source of information above.
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    Conflict at the Supercharger

    But this is where you seem to not be able to see past your bias. You are abscribing those inconsiderate behaviors to this scenario. That is simply not the case, the network is open to other vehicles, he is using it the only way possible because it has not been setup to efficiently handle the...
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    Conflict at the Supercharger

    I think this is where your argument falls apart, this is a Tesla specific problem. They opted to open the network to other vehicles without first setting up the stations to be able to accommodate them. They have chargers that are capable of this just not very many deployed yet.
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    Where are all the R1S in R1 Shop?

    I don’t think they started selling the refresh models yet to the public. I think they are still validating everything. The R1T seemed to slow down on deliveries but R1S was still selling pretty well so it is possible they are out or nearly out of the R1S not assigned to an order and only have...
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    Parking Garage Structural Rating (Inquiry)

    Just curious, do people see a lot of weight limit signs at parking structure entry points? I see height limit signs all of the time but do not recall ever seeing a weight limit sign.
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    Conflict at the Supercharger

    The Tesla process to identify station usage is not reliable, especially in busy areas like SoCal. I find it so unreliable as to be no better than a novelty. Watching the counter on the screen while charging it can be 15 minutes or more to update when someone takes a spot or leaves a spot...
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    Conflict at the Supercharger

    I think the funniest part of this is OP stated he would be done in 10 minutes, if someone can’t wait 10 minutes for something to open up maybe they need to reevaluate where all of their time is going.
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    Keeping black plastic trim BLACK!?

    My R1S is over a year old, you can see my post #39 for the before and after pictures. In the before picture you can see a casting line that I could not get rid of. The Cerakote Restorer helped remove it and left the plastic trim looking like it did when I picked up the vehicle. It has a matte...