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  1. mini2nut

    Layoffs continue in SoCal area

    Rivian is cutting more jobs to stay afloat during the BEV sales downturn. https://www.ocregister.com/2024/05/10/rivian-laying-off-92-employees-at-orange-county-facilities/
  2. mini2nut

    Is the steel bed side accessible for PDR tool access?

    Hello all. I was loading up some purchases from Costco last month during a downpour. I decided to try and lift a heavy box over the bed side and the corner accidentally hit the bed and caused a minor indentation in the bed side sheet metal. A PDR technician claims there is no bed access for his...
  3. mini2nut

    “New” Quad Motor R1T pricing is crazy and not sustainable (even if Cybertruck priced higher than original reveal price estimate)

    I own a $75k “pre-price hike” 2022 R1T and hold a second reservation “just in case” (not pre-price hike) and was invited to The Shop today. The $90k plus pricing for a Quad Motor R1T is crazy. I never would have considered purchasing a R1T at the new price point. I simply don’t see this price...
  4. mini2nut

    VW, Rivian, Nissan, BMW lose access to US EV tax credits

    Goodbye Rivian $7500 tax credit… https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/vw-rivian-nissan-bmw-lose-access-us-ev-tax-credits-2023-04-17/
  5. mini2nut

    R1T Configurator: $3,850 “All Terrain Upgrade” option

    I was playing around today on the Rivian configurator. They continue to streamline option choices to help with production efficiencies. The $3,850 “All Terrain Upgrade” includes 20" All-Terrain wheels, underbody protection and a matching spare tire. Add another $1k if you want the 20” darks.
  6. mini2nut

    Is this really necessary? Overpriced touch up paint pen from Rivian

    I just received my overpriced touch up paint pen from Rivian. As small companies grow they tend to lose touch. My paint pen is a great example. Rivian promotes itself as a green company yet they shipped the paint pen in a large 12” x 8” x 4” cardboard box. It‘s a great example of the left hand...
  7. mini2nut

    Powered tonneau replacement prediction (it’s not positive)

    I can already see the carefully crafted e-mail coming from Tony regarding the “no charge“ redesigned powered tonneau cover. This change in policy will be error #2 for Rivian after the price hike fiasco last year. I see Rivian backtracking on the redesigned powered tonneau cover for owners who...
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    California SNAPPLATE ******SOLD******

  9. mini2nut

    Misaligned R1T panel alignments resolved by Service Center

    Yes, I am a bit anal retentive. The first thing I notice on a new vehicle is body panel alignment. Are the panel gaps tight and even? Are body panels flush with each other? Are body panels aligned, etc. I consider Porsche and Audi the top two companies to have near perfect body panel fitment...
  10. mini2nut

    Visited my local CarMax today

    Hello all. Out of curiosity I decided to swing by my local CarFax store today for an appraisal. I caught them at a slow time of day and was in and out in 30 minutes. The offer was actually higher than I expected. For reference my 2022 R1T has 570 miles on the odometer, 20” dark wheels and no...
  11. mini2nut

    Handy table to determine 12v battery health

    I thought I would share this handy internet table for fellow R1T owners; The voltage of a 12v battery is a good way to determine the state of charge. Here's a handy table with the breakdown: State of Charge Voltage 100%: = 12.7 - 13.2v 75% = 12.4v 50% = 12.2v 25% = 12.0v Discharged = 0 -...
  12. mini2nut

    R1T “vampire” battery drain concerns. Is this normal?

    I have owned my R1T for a month. I decided to actually document the battery drain during a 24 hour period after charging to 85%. I was a bit shocked to discover that the truck lost 7 miles/2% of the battery charge in a tad over 24 hours. Truck was parked outside with overnight temps in the 50’s...
  13. mini2nut

    CAT/Kratos/Badland 3-ton floor jacks & $300 Harbor Freight Badland model

    After experiencing my old 1.5 floor jack struggle to pickup the corner of my R1T to change a tire I decided its time to upgrade. I have been cross shopping 3-ton floor jacks recently. I was considering the $400 3-ton CAT and the $600 Pro Eagle Kratos and then stumbled across the $300 Harbor...
  14. mini2nut

    No new color/price increase for 2023 model year?

    I was pretty confident that Rivian would add a new color and increase the MSRP for 2023. I guess they don’t want a customer revolt resulting in a ton of cancellations over a price hike. Keeping pre-March 2022 reservation holders happy appears to a priority. I will be curious to see what happens...
  15. mini2nut

    California Swap found (delete)

    Swap found, please delete.
  16. mini2nut

    My 2nd R1T modification - display screen protection

    After I received my truck back from my PPF installer I decided to install my 2nd modification. It was was a fairly easy one that required some patience and meticulous preparation. I elected to go with Abstract Ocean’s screen protection in a matte finish to avoid nasty fingerprints. I did a lot...
  17. mini2nut

    My 1st R1T modification - front PPF (XPEL Ultimate Fusion Film) & window tint

    I had my R1T for almost a week now. My 1st modification? Having XPEL Ultimate Fusion applied to the front end of the vehicle. It’s a fairly new film from XPEL that includes a hydrophobic top coat. “ULTIMATE FUSION is an optically clear, high gloss, self-healing film that protects vehicles from...
  18. mini2nut

    OK Audiophiles - Any tips on tweaking EQ settings?

    I love music but I am not an audiophile individual. A photo of your "Custom EQ Setting" screen would be appreciated. Thanks...
  19. mini2nut

    2022 R1T (GW/OC) delivered today. Truck and Rivian exceeded expectations

    Well, It’s official. As the owners of a Tesla and Rivian we are now a 2 BEV family. Our Tacoma pickup (sold in April) and Audi S3 (sold in February 2021) are now history. After nearly 2-years and many changes to my R1T configuration I finally took delivery this afternoon. The vehicle had 16...
  20. mini2nut

    2023 Rivian R1T/S price hike coming?

    I predict Rivian will have a price increase for 2023 R1 vehicles. I predict current reservations will be impacted and a Tony will be sending out an e-mail soon. Your thoughts? Did they learn a price increase lesson earlier in the year when they had tons of cancellations? Bottom line? Rivian...