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    Updated Lectron NACS to CCS1 Adapter w/ new instructions

    Wanted to share the updated video I did on the Lectron supercharging adapter. Lectron has also provided specific instructions on how to use the adapter as well. The adapter works well and the new locking mechanism is very strong. There is also a blooper reel at the end of my video ...having a...
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    Rivian R1S & R1T Delivery Checklist

    Greetings group. I created a comprehensive delivery checklist for Rivian R1S & R1T deliveries. I welcome all feedback good/bad to help make this the most comprehensive list available to the community. I created this list to help new Rivian owners avoid disappointment or a bad ownership...
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    Tesla Supercharger Pricing -- Per Kwh Cost for Rivian

    Ok so.... We know that charger will be plug and charged and billed through Rivian account.... But ... For those that will be utilizing the TSC frequently: 1) will Rivian get Member pricing? 2) If not, how would it work to sign up for the Tesla membership? The membership gives the same pricing...
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    Canadian mail truck based on EDV?

    Anyone see this article? https://insideevs.com/news/711927/rivian-mail-van-morgan-olson-partnership/
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    R1S - Water In Floor with mold smell

    Greetings all, I replied to the other threads and thought my issue would be a fairly straight forward fix. It appears its not, so here goes. My wife drives the R1S so I am not in the car daily. Had service appointment for 2/19 after noticing the carpet was soaked with water while cleaning the...
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    Privacy During Ownership Transfer

    All, I created a video showing how to protect privacy during Rivian ownership transfer after one purchases a used Rivian. I have seen many folks complain about the previous owner of the vehicle being able to see location and send commands to the vehicle. My video shows how to disable that...
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    Recent 22 R1S Sale $66,000 on C&B

    All, I watch the Rivian activity on C&B daily to try and keep an eye on what things are going for. This example, launch green with BM interior, sold for $66,000. It did have 19k on the clock and a ding but otherwise looks good. Effective price after buyers fee $68,970. I didn't expect this...
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    Video: Charging Two Rivians on 200A Service

    My home charging setup . Don't let anyone tell you that you can't charge 2EVs on 200A service.
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    My Long Term R1T Review

    Spoiler... Its holding up awesome. I share my likes, dislikes, service items, and some cool footage is hiding at the end 😎
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    Maryland RAN Charger Visits 😎🔌⚡

    A look at the RAN chargers in Maryland. The Belcamp charger was recently completed. Sadly neither charger has a pull through stall for vehicles that are towing. Both chargers worked well with the first session a little slow bc I didn't precondition.
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    System Fault & Noise from HVAC

    Started this morning. Will post video soon. Faint burning plastic smell from vents, rattling sound coming from behind main display, cannot hear it outside the vehicle. For about 5 minutes displayed a System Fault and said to schedule service. Performed a hard reset and still the same...
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    LinerX All Weather Mats R1S/R1T

    Short video review. An excellent product and a great value. Use code EO10 and you will get a 10% discount 😎
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    EVBASE Running Boards for the R1S - New & Redesigned

    These are the new version without the lettering. I demo them and show the install process. If you don't want to see the install just use the chapters on the youtube slider to skip to the demo. Any and all feedback welcome! I have also been informed that my code KEN15 will get you 20% off...
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    EA Elizabeth, NJ - Corporate Onsite

    At the EA in Elizabeth NJ and EA corporate is here. Had a long conversation about all of EA current shortcomings. From what she said it sounds like they are serious about improving. She said the three years unlimited charging is only for V1 purchases. They don't do that anymore. It's...
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    Redesigned EVBASE R1T Running Boards

    Greetings all, installed these on my R1T. Created a video on how to install them. If your interested in purchasing use my code KEN15 to get 15% off. https://bit.ly/3QJxodY
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    Community Solar To Power Your Rivian!

    Good Morning everyone! I wanted to post a video I created about Community Solar. Energy prices are going up and its a great way to power your home & EV with clean renewable energy. In addition save 10% on your electricity costs and it doesn't require any up front cost or installing solar...
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    R1T - Lomax Folding Hard Tonneau Cover Review

    Its a great cover. I feel its a better value than the Rivian manual Tonnaeu. Its available at Napa. LOMAX TRI-FOLD HARD COVER: https://bit.ly/485UuCW .
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    My Opinion on Max Pack Offering

    not knocking folks who opted to buy max pack...just sharing my opinion on it.
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    R1 Feature Request & Tracking Thread

    All, while I knew about Jose's site before creating this thread I did not know he already created a excellent way to submit and track the feature requests. Please submit on his site at https://rivian.software/wish/ I am going to move the requests that have been submitted here to the site...
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    R1T Towing A Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic To Poolsville

    This video is from Last Weekend at the Poolsville event. Thanks to all the folks at Poolsville green for putting on such an awesome event! The Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic Ultimate is an awesome UTV and a great pairing to the R1!