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  1. No software update this month?

    The second number is the build week of the year. So the update we are getting now is the build from week 11 of 2024. Note that it's the build week not the release week. Usually release is around 4 weeks after the build week. The last number is if there were minor revisions. Rivian usually has a...
  2. New Jersey Rivian Owners

    Down for that. Could also do some light offroading in Pine Barrens
  3. Rivian App updated version released for iOS and Android

    While the widget is cool there is room for improvement: 1. I tried to turn on climate from the widget and no matter how many times I tap it the "Turning climate on" text did not show nor did the bottom change color indicating it is on. However when I open the app it does show that it's running...
  4. Odd Driver Assist Behavior in CT and MA

    I just did a NYC to Boston trip this past weekend and I haven’t had any issues with availability issues with Driver+ though I do manually disengage when construction zones or temporary lane shifts come up since Driver+ tends to freak out and I don’t feel safe using it in those areas.
  5. Rivian announces Free LTE Connectivity through early 2024

    Hopefully this means that Rivian is going to release an update with the streaming apps they have mentioned in early 2024 if the reason why we didn't get it yet is because Rivian needs to charge for the LTE data first. The way I see is that all Rivians will continue to have LTE functionality...
  6. NYC Owners

    This is a pic from the meetup for the Brooklyn Space opening that I think is fitting. https://ibb.co/nn8ZcmK
  7. R1 refresh update coming in 2024 with upgraded “Ascent” trim / model

    My speculation on this is that Rivian will first launch their in house quad setup as a new option for R1, something like Quad Motor Performance similar to the Dual Motor Performance option there is now. My thinking is that "Ascent" is the name of the in house quad motors similar to "Enduro" for...
  8. Are there any products you need for the Rivian and nobody made yet?

    +1 for soft close door latches. The Rivian doors need a lot of force to close and 8 times out of 10 my passengers can’t close it on the first try. Love to have a soft close aftermarket option like what’s available on Teslas.
  9. Center display more [...] missing!

    What exactly do you think you are missing? Everything looks right to me.
  10. How has the 2023.34.0 Update changed the ride of your Rivian? [Vote in poll]

    I did my usual commute to work today which was a great way to compare since it's the same roads I've been back and forth multiple times. I have a R1T with 20s and my vote is that the ride has improved a lot. I drive in AP soft with auto height where it goes down to low on the highway. So far I...
  11. How has the 2023.34.0 Update changed the ride of your Rivian? [Vote in poll]

    I got the update last night but didn't get a chance to drive my R1T today. I'll find out on my way to work tomorrow then cast my vote as the road there is on pretty rough roads and on a concrete parkway. But from what it looks like the changes are more noticeable on the S than the T. I wonder...
  12. Cybertruck charging port not looking good. Rivian’s location is better

    This is why I feel like pickups need to have the charge port in the front. It's going to be pretty annoying to charge with a trailer unless Superchargers are going to have pull through spots now.
  13. What Was Your Previous Daily Driver Before Rivian?

    I had previously leased a 2020 BMW M340i xDrive. The timing worked out great as I was able to sell the lease and get some equity back 2 months before the lease was supposed to end since I got notified that my R1T was in production. I really loved this car. It was a great comfortable daily...
  14. Overhead camera view

    I would like to see an option to show it on the left section of the driver display. Feel like that area is a bit lacking with only having the efficiency graph, map and tire pressures.
  15. Rivian Update 2023.30.00 - One-Touch Garage Door Opener, Nav Enhancements, Text Address Sharing From Phone To Vehicle, EVgo Autocharge+ Support & More

    Looks like the update is getting rolled out. My app just notified me to start the update. Glad to be in the early batches this time around. My last few updates seemed like I was pretty much last to get the update lol
  16. Rivian Update 2023.30.00 - One-Touch Garage Door Opener, Nav Enhancements, Text Address Sharing From Phone To Vehicle, EVgo Autocharge+ Support & More

    I know everyone has one top change that they are hoping to see in a new update that isn’t there but this update is another great one. One touch garage, improved proximity unlocking/locking and DC charging improvements are all things people have been voicing complaints about so it’s great to see...
  17. Driver door window wouldn't go up no matter what.

    Thanks for this. For some reason after leaving my truck alone for about a week while I was on vacation I lowered the driver window today and it would only go up about 1/4 of the way. Tried doing a full vehicle reset and the window calibration by holding the switch down all the way. Just tried...
  18. Manual & Powered tonneau cover info update - from my Guide on 7/24/2023

    I doubt that Rivian will no longer offer the power tonneau. I just think they are making it clear that any R1T delivered without one will not be able to get it retrofitted. I'm assuming it just involves too much labor and extra parts to add to not make it worth it even with charging a premium...
  19. The windshield wipers....work.

    Interesting, so it seems those coming from a Tesla like the Rivian auto wipers however I am coming from a BMW and I think it's a step back compared to that. I find that the wipers go too slow in moderate rain and they go way to fast in light rain. The thing I liked about the BMW system is that...