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    Cybertruck Laugh of the Day

    Only need one more Cybertruck to form a bridge to help pedestrians cross the water.
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    Gear Guard Animation Too Cartoonish?

    I think the primary thing is to get someones attention and let them know that they are being recorded. That's what Gary does. If they care or not is something else. Do you really think a screen flashing a badge or 911 or a picture of something else would change someone's mind? I can't think of...
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    PSA for EVolveNY network

    I used one in Castle Creek about a year ago, I think there were 2x150kw and 2x350kw stations. I knew about them from someone else here posting about that spot. One of the two times I used it, it stopped charging early and gave an error and told me to try again. I think at that time, I wanted to...
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    YouTube App and Google Cast video streaming coming to Rivian infotainment system

    Buy your kids a tablet. They are more versatile and provide a bigger screen. And they can use them outside the car. Who is really watching media on screens the size of an iphone 4 feet away from their eyes and located at their feet?
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    Conflict at the Supercharger

    Are you, or other Tesla owners actively pushing Tesla to allow Teslas to charge at EVGO or EA? I fail to understand why Tesla's can't or won't carry an additional adapter to allow more charging options. Just seems lazy or cheap.
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    Conflict at the Supercharger

    Why couldn't the Tesla's that arrived AFTER the OP drive to the EA or EVGO stations? Do Tesla's have to charge at Tesla charging stations?
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    Conflict at the Supercharger

    You want people to wait in line so they don't potentially make others wait in line? That's exactly what your first paragraph says. Sometimes, its first come, first serve. I once had someone suggest I drive 15 minutes in the opposite direction I was traveling to a different charger because I had...
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    Conflict at the Supercharger

    Tesla doesn't want to tell its customers other brands can now use Tesla chargers. It would let their customers (and potential customers) know they can buy other brands and still use (some) of the chargers. I wouldn't really expect a company (like Tesla) to send an email to its customers saying...
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    Would you Cross Shop a Ford Ranger Raptor with an R1T?

    If you can get those in the mid $50's I would consider those. However, some of them can be optioned into the mid $60's. The Toyota TRD Pro looks like it starts in the mid $60's. If I was interested in one of these builds in the mid $60's, I would also consider the full size Ram RHO, which is due...
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    Tesla V3, V4 Superchargers and RAN Stations Map (kml for Google Earth)

    I think this site in Morgantown, Pennsylvania may be Tesla only also. When using the "Superchargers open to other EVs" or "Superchargers open to NACs" on Tesla's map it does not appear. A little frustrating if it is Tesla only because it just opened a couple weeks ago. V3 - Morgantown - 8...
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    YouTube App and Google Cast video streaming coming to Rivian infotainment system

    So does this mean I don't need to go out and buy a new iPad Pro now? /s I guess overall I am glad they are doing this. But it really won't change much for me. Even during the occasional charging stop, my first reaction generally isn't to stream a video. But I guess by starting here it helps...
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    NJ Service Centers...

    Rivian called me and scheduled the service in Trenton. Others have posted about getting work done there. I am sure it is limited availability, even more so than the regular service centers. From what I understand there are no waiting rooms for customers. And Rivian still may call and cancel my...
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    Tank Turn Compromise? (attn Rivian engineers)

    Do you really expect Rivian, or any manufacturer, to follow up if something was legal/allowed AFTER they have done a thing (such as tank turn), and probably posted to social media? Should the manufacturers also follow up if it seems like someone violated a speed limit? Or changed lanes without a...
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    NJ Service Centers...

    I have an appointment in Trenton in the beginning of June. https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/service-center-updates-trenton-and-maybe-se-pa.25974/
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    Tesla is backtracking and hiring some people back for the supercharger team(s)

    If you fire everyone, who knows who the "good ones" are? And will "the good ones" really come back, or just take it until something else pops up. If he fires them all again, there will be people here saying he's twice as smart.
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    Wish there was a diagnostics screen!

    I have owned for about 20k miles and 18 months, in Pennsylvania. I think the only time I have ever had a alert about a sensor was due to ice or snow, which was obvious because of the snow/ice on the ground, same as other vehicles. I could see dust/dirt being in issue in certain climates, if you...
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    Entire Tesla Supercharger team fired (Update: Elon Musk says supercharger network growth will continue). ** ⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS **

    I haven't cared about his previous opinions enough to watch any more of his videos, regardless of how he feels about a topic.
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    I think the charging grading is biased...

    @cjust2006 just curious, how long was your wait to charge? Was there a line when you arrived, or when you left? If 4 chargers are down, but the ones inservice are getting minimal use, they won't be a high priority for repair. Obviously we all want the chargers working, but unfortunately things...
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    Service center updates - Trenton and maybe SE PA

    I'm 13xxx, a November 2022 delivery. I never reported or had trouble, but I did ask them to cycle it once and grease the tracks when it was brought in for other service last summer. I think its probably been 6 months since I have operated it.
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    Any recommendations for wheel alignment in SE PA

    @atebit I thought you used Guthriesville Tires in the past, I’ve used them twice. Have you had problems there, or just looking for something cheaper?