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  1. Sgt Beavis

    Rivian continues to miss out on revenue

    Rivian could really use some good news and more revenue. The charger ratings on the software update is nice but investors want to hear about revenue. Where on Earth are the subscriptions? All the way back in December, Rivian was supposed to start charging customers for the ATT LTE connection...
  2. Sgt Beavis

    Solid Floor Dog Hammock

    I saw this advertised on Facebook today. https://skyliette.com/products/doggyride I’m just curious if anyone else has tried this. I like that it has a solid floor for you dogs but they don’t show any dimensions. It just says it’ll fit any vehicle, which is BS. If it fits in my Rivian, it’s...
  3. Sgt Beavis

    Charge Overland YouTube: Falken A/T4W on the Rivian

    In Conserve Mode he achieved 1.85mi/kWh compared to 2.09mi/kWh He had a Thule roof rack and an iKamper tent on the back when he tested with both tires. So the Pirelli still wins on efficiency. Of course the Falkens are very much more capable off road and they show to be a lot more durable...
  4. Sgt Beavis

    Finally charged at a Tesla Magic Dock Supercharger

    Yesterday I was out for my son’s birthday. Drove all over the place and found my truck at 19% SoC with a decent distance left to drive home. Fortunately there was a relatively new Tesla Supercharger, at nearby Northglenn, CO, with a Magic Dock. So I set it on my nav to begin preconditioning and...
  5. Sgt Beavis

    Elon’s $55Billion Tesla pay package voided [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS / INSULTS].

    (Bloomberg) -- Elon Musk’s $55 billion pay package at Tesla Inc. was struck down by a Delaware judge after a shareholder challenged it as excessive, a ruling that would take a giant bite out of Musk’s wealth and put the fate of his companies in question. That is if the ruling survives a likely...
  6. Sgt Beavis

    Rattle from replacement Power Tonneau

    My powered tonneau was replaced last Wednesday. The next day, I noticed a very significant rattle coming from the back of the truck. After some quick checking I found that the rattle only occurs when the tonneau is in the closed position. If I completely open it up, there is no rattle at all...
  7. Sgt Beavis

    PSA: Please don’t go snow wheelin’ by yourself.

    OK my Colorado peeps, which one of you was it? 🤪 Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery is a volunteer organization that has saved lives but we need to realize our limitations and not put these fellas at risk. please don’t go snow wheelin’ on your own and make sure you have recovery gear and...
  8. Sgt Beavis

    Drive your Tesla through a puddle and get your warranty voided.

    This is in the UK but if you have a Tesla, you might want to double check your warranty to be safe. https://www.thestreet.com/electric-vehicles/these-tesla-owners-were-left-furious Basically, after driving on wet roads, their Model Y died. Tesla claimed the battery was damaged due to water...
  9. Sgt Beavis

    A quick trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in the Rivian

    Last Saturday was a new moon and I had some new lenses I wanted to test out. So we hopped in the truck and drove up to RMNP for some astro photography. Before heading to the top of Trail Ridge rd, I got some great shots of bull Elk. It’s rutting season so they’re out strutting their stuff...
  10. Sgt Beavis

    Quick look review: Rivian Duffel Bag

    Rivian’s new duffel bag arrived a short while ago. I took a few shots of it to give you my thoughts. It’s a pretty good sized duffel with plenty of room for coats, shoes, etc. Besides the main compartment, has two zipped end pockets, two interior mesh pockets, and a interior zipped pocket along...
  11. Sgt Beavis

    Gear Tunnel shaped Duffel Bag at the Gear Shop.

    I did a search and didn't see anyone posting this. The tailgate pad is getting attention but Rivian also released a new duffel bag and a packing cube set. Both have Rivian branding but the duffel bag is shaped to fit in the gear tunnel. It looks like a quality product as well. I just ordered...
  12. Sgt Beavis

    Article: EV startups burn through cash (except Rivian)

  13. Sgt Beavis

    F150 Lightning gets nearly $10K in price cuts

  14. Sgt Beavis

    Still dealing with insurance but ordered a new R1T

    Today I got a bit fed up with Nationwide. They’ve been taking way to long to get our claim settled so I can get into a new R1T. They stated it’s taking a long time to get the assessment done so they can determine the final payout. For those that don’t know. Our truck was totaled after an...
  15. Sgt Beavis

    Toyota Touts 745-mile range, 10 minute charge for Solid-State battery

    IF Toyota can successfully bring this to market it definitely close the use case gap that justifies ICE based vehicles. IMO, 10 minutes for charging is more important than the range. If we can get 300+ miles of range in 10 minutes or less, it’s game over for ICE. Only diehards and collectors...
  16. Sgt Beavis

    CCS is Dead Man Walkin’

    https://electrek.co/2023/06/12/tesla-nacs-connector-gains-support-list-companies/ With these announcements, ChargePoint, EVgo, and several charger manufacturers will support NACS. Electrify Americas chargers come from two manufacturers in the list. As far as I’m concerned, the EV Chargers...
  17. Sgt Beavis

    Is something up with the r/Rivian reddit page?

    I tried to access it this morning and it’s set to private. Can anyone else get on there?
  18. Sgt Beavis

    We're OK, but our R1T is not..... rear ended accident

    😭😭😭😭 Today I had the most expensive trip to IKEA without buying a damn thing. It was wet and rainy and the guy behind me wasn't quick on the stop. He got a face full of air bag and distroyed his otherwise lovely X-Terra that he said he paid off just a couple of months ago. I was well behind the...
  19. Sgt Beavis

    Ben Sullins: Rivian R1T After 1 Year - Would I Buy it Again?

    He points out many of the issues we’ve all seen. At the end he believes he would have bought the Ford Lightning instead. He did have an pretty early R1T. Among his chief complaints: 1. Poor service at the beginning (calling it ”wonky and weird”), but he says that did improve greatly. 2...
  20. Sgt Beavis

    Colorado FS - iKamper XCover Rooftop Tent - Boulder area

    Selling iKamper XCover Rooftop Tent with Insulation tent. The RTT is too big for for my R1T but should fit fine on the top of an R1S. This tent is in excellent shape and has been used roughly 10 times. There is no mold or mildew anywhere on it. The only problem is the broken top step of the...