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  1. R1 Refresh announcement soon?

    Shutdown was supposed to end last Friday. We should get news on refresh soon
  2. Standard and Standard+ battery packs introduced; R1T and R1S base prices dropped (2/8/24)

    Was perusing Rivian site looking at lease prices and just discovered this. Good summary by @MidnightRivian 👍 Rivian R1S base price dropped to $74,900 for Adventure Package. The configurator now includes a 315 mile battery pack called Standard+ for $3,100. Now you can configure one with 315+...
  3. Dual motor real life efficiency?

    So, what is the real world efficiency at highway speed (70-75) for a dual motor R1S with 21" wheels?
  4. Fremont, CA to Sedona, AZ and back in first R1T road trip

    This is our first road trip in the R1T (20" AT tires) aside from trips to Tahoe. I had done some research beforehand to avoid the worst chargers on Plug share, so our trip wasn't optimized. Left in Saturday around 11, and drove to Barstow to sleep at the Comfort Inn (which I strongly recommend...
  5. California WTS spare 20"AT wheel $1100

    SF Bay Area. Ordered a full set and now parting it out the 3 I don't need.