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  1. s00n

    Keeping Roof Sun Shade in Place?

    I have the Hansshow for R1S and its ok with clips, its juuust short on fitting under the headliner all the way around. Going to try the EVBase one soon, hopefully a better fit.
  2. s00n

    What is Rivian?

    Before this gets out of hand, that was my attempt at humor.
  3. s00n

    What is Rivian?

  4. s00n

    Which R1S Running Boards are these?

    Looks like the triple square tread EVSportline RMaxx with black welting added.
  5. s00n

    Rivian Brush Bar and Winch set up

    Id buy this oem setup in a sec. Sadly, most likely won’t ever see the light of day.
  6. s00n

    Crooked Windshield - Wind Noise?

    Just noticed today that there’s a bigger gap on the passenger side top of the windshield as seen in the pic. We’ve noticed a bit more wind noise in the cabin coming from that area. Could this slightly larger gap be the cause? Planning on taping it to see if that’s where it’s coming from, but in...
  7. s00n

    Ceramic tint the windshield?

    Was on the fence for a while, noticeable difference in heat reduction. Unfortunately a rock hit the windshield exactly one week after having it done, but the crack doesn’t obstruct view. Just going to keep it unless/until it gets worse. The installer did say I may be able to get it covered under...
  8. s00n

    2024 Tacoma Gets A Camp Speaker

  9. s00n

    Odd Email from Rivian??

    Are shop vehicles all lemons now? I got mine from the shop back in June - had to wait two weeks for it to arrive from the factory and it had something like 12 miles on it. When we went to get it, it was the best fit and finish of any (30+) at the SC.
  10. s00n

    Electric Water Heater - Shower options / recommendations?

    Whatever you do, avoid the Geyser portable shower at all cost - dumbest piece of camping equipment I’ve ever purchased. Bulky, awkward, silly little sponge for a ‘shower’ and tank not big enough.
  11. s00n

    Apple no longer building an electric car.

    https://appleinsider.com/articles/24/02/28/gene-munster-apple-should-buy-rivian-after-cancelling-apple-car s00n.
  12. s00n

    There’s now a Rivian widget for iOS and Android!

    Maybe a dumb question, but does anyone know what the timer means in the widget? I purposely close the app so that it doesn’t wake up the car, but I’ve noticed this timer keeps restarting every few minutes.
  13. s00n

    Rivian Layoff 10% Staff and Lowers Production Forecast for 2024

    https://techcrunch.com/2024/02/21/rivian-lays-off-10-of-workforce-as-ev-pricing-pressure-mounts/amp/ Same news, but what is Peregrine?
  14. s00n

    Clunking sound from front end.

    I have low speed clunking over speed humps front AND rear. It’s like a clunk-clunk (front) then a clunk-clunk (rear) as the shocks are going up and down. Assume sc will tell me it’s within spec so I’m just not bothering with it unless/until a wheel falls off. Then I’ll make a ticket
  15. s00n

    Seat Belt Mod - Possible?

    Saw some Forest Edge seat belts on Ebay recently, and got me thinking. Wife's Cayenne has a black interior with red (bordeaux) seatbelts, really sharp look. I guess it might depend on the type of accident/reason is was totalled, but would it be possible to swap out black belts in a Black...
  16. s00n

    Leasing NOT offered at pre price-hike prices for reservation holders

    I spose it’s too early in the morning to be a silly goose with this crowd :)
  17. s00n

    Leasing NOT offered at pre price-hike prices for reservation holders

    There are still pre-March holders out there?? Just make a loan payment instead of a lease payment. Problem solved.
  18. s00n

    Which R1S Running Boards?

    Don’t know if other running board brands have this problem, I assume it’s not limited to just EV Sportline (which all in all we love) but boy do these freeze up in the cold. To the point that it made it a little tricky to open/close the door and when it did it sounded like the plastic trim was...
  19. s00n

    Parted out R1's

    Would anyone have leads on R1's (unfortunately) being parted out? Seems like they get totaled for relatively minor accidents, looking for a couple things and almost got scammed by one of those parting-out listings on Facebook. Not looking for a whole vehicle. Any info would be appreciated.
  20. s00n

    Driver position not always accurate

    Mine works ~70% of the time. Usually the steering wheel just doesn't slide out into position. The times it does, it makes the farting sound (maybe its a cold weather thing). A slight fix is switching profile to my wife, then back to me. Usually fixes it.