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  1. Truck Bed Mattress for R1T - best recommendations?

    How hard is the tent to take on and off? Going to sequoia soon and am planning on doing some driving in the park while there
  2. My R1T on Ebay - breaks my heart!

    Assuming you got tax credit, your monthly cost probably doesn’t come out too high. Edit: spelling
  3. 30amp Wall Charger question (Specifically Charge Point)

    Others can correct me if I’m wrong, but the Rivian will only draw what the charger will allow. If you set the ChargePoint to 24A, you shouldn’t have to worry about changing the Amps in the vehicle.
  4. Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    Ahhh. Sorry to hear that. We’ve had ours for about 1.5 years now. No real issues except some wind noise and Apple Csrplay issues. We did Ford Options so still have the option to return it after 3 years. We’ll see how the market is. Like most cars it’s taken a huge hit on resale market
  5. Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    By turning do you mean you had leased it or you traded it in?
  6. 2023 R1T models now Lease rates starting at $494 /mo* !

    For everyone that has leased. How much does monthly payment go up after you take tax, title, destination charge, etc into account? For example if it says 650, what does that turn into after all the fees? Thank you
  7. Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    Even though I’m promised an adapter from Ford and Rivian, the former in June, just bit the bullet in the A2Z. Who knows when the other adapters are actually going to ship.
  8. Prices lowered on R1T and R1S inventory (5/23/24)

    In OC zip there are R1Ts at 437/mo. Is this stackable with preorder discount and friends and family? That would be insane.
  9. Weird Charging History Bug

    I have a ChargePoint home charger and I use it to charge both our R1T and MME. I just noticed that under the charging history tab in the Rivian app, it includes the charging sessions of the Mach E. I guess it’s because my ChargePoint account is linked to my Rivian account but it’s still a bit...
  10. Let's talk about the (over?) conservatism of Rivian Nav

    What consumption do you guys use for ABRP? I have 21” tires. The default is 2.5 I believe. Planning a trip to sequoia and planning to use conserve mode.
  11. Trails in Orange County, CA

    i haven’t yet. Since this will be my first off roading adventure I’m prob going to go alone first and next time bring the kids. If anyone here wants to try this together I’m down for that.
  12. Conflict at the Supercharger

    Maybe it’s time for someone to make a magnetized sticker to explain to Tesla drivers exactly what’s going on. Kind of like the Pet Mode sticker I saw.
  13. R1S chiming for no apparent reason

    It def Should charge in its cradle. I’d double check that
  14. R1S chiming for no apparent reason

    I’ve had this happen a couple times. Both times it was the call speaker. Had to reset it.
  15. How are Used Prices on R1T Holding Up?

    I think those are great offers. I’m in OC as well and Carvana offering me 54k for my 2022 with 19k miles. For 61k I’d take it and run and lease the R1S.
  16. California Insurance Price

    We pay 2000/year with Mercury here in Irvine.