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    Why are you buying your Rivian?

    you sold me
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    R1T offroad footage and info from from South America!

    Let’s talk about the air suspension. As an owner of two Grand Cherokee Overlands (2012 & 2017) I’ve had a love hate (Mostly hate lately) experience. While I like the adjustable height and ability to gain a few inches to clear rocks and deep sand tracks (which I need for access to a summer...
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    Our own "configurator" Thread

    Anyone have a guess on what the tow package would run on the R1S? What's a comparable package on an f-150?
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    First look at Rivian Electrochromic Roof in action

    Maybe another stupid question, but won't there be an interior fabric liner to cover the glass from the inside to block light and heat? Like in most other SUVs, so you can prevent some of the high heat and direct sun exposure?
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    Rivian Battery Poll - VOTE HERE

    I was dead set on 180kWh for peace of mind, longevity/future proof, and the raw power....then I realized it removes the 3rd row option. Dammit! So, this could be a question on many threads, but any advice on the real NEED for a 3rd row? I can't decide if I really need it... I've never had one...
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    Preorder community will get exclusive early access to Rivian Configurator

    Do we know a rough breakdown of the 50K or so per-orders, how many are R1T vs R1S for configuration?
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    Your Actual Place in Reservation Line, Based on Rivian Preorder #

    Stupid question, and apologize if it's already been answered, but I couldn't find it. Do we have a feel for the difference in delivery times for the R1S vs R1T? If I am preorder #24,030 (by your math...which is great, thanks again!),but I ordered a R1S....does that still put me fall 2021?
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    Why are you buying your Rivian?

    Own a beach home that's only accessible by Trucks/SUVs with 4x4, high clearance, and tested off road capabilities. When not at the beach, I'm driving north from Boston to Vermont to snowboard in tough wintery driving. I've been locked into a 4x4 all my life, had Jeep GC Overlands for the past...
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    Rivian configurator coming "Late Summer"

    Anyone have ideas, preferences, or thoughts on roof options? Clear glass vs electrochromic vs two-piece removable composite roof and vs standard fixed roof? Guess i'm most interested in pros cons of fixed vs electrochromic more than other options.