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  1. Prices lowered on R1T and R1S inventory (5/23/24)

    Driving back home just now and saw another R1S in my neighbourhood. They flashed their lights at me. Felt good. Hope to see more with these deals.
  2. Changing in the rain

    I'd just get out there and do it. Get back in my truck all wet, turn to her and flip my long hair back in a Rivian thirsty look. That's in my mind. In reality I'd probably be cursing I didn't get that umbrella Mitch had suggested on the Rivian board!
  3. Keeping Roof Sun Shade in Place?

    Sold out. The search continues.
  4. Drone noise significantly reduced after switching rotation direction - 20" AT

    40k!!?? That's probably the highest I've seen on 20s. What have you been feeding them?
  5. Prices lowered on R1T and R1S inventory (5/23/24)

    To be honest, initially I thought I'd be a bit perturbed because I missed out on the opportunity. But, I'm actually happy that others are getting these deals. The more the merrier!
  6. R1S unlocking and locking constantly when in garage

    OP-anyone tried calling Rivian? Not a loaded question. Just trying to help. Anytime I've had s/w issues, I just call them and they are always very helpful.
  7. I know the AC compressor is loud... but

    Forrest or otherwise-no one hears it anyway. :CWL:
  8. I know the AC compressor is loud... but

    You think that's embarrassing? Have you tried the horn? About the a/c-I agree with Papa that turning on recirculate reduces the noise; at least in mine.
  9. Refresh R1 Colors and Prices (unconfirmed)

    I like my OC but that saddle brown looks nice! Thanks for the info.
  10. 3 Times in Shop since Purchased in December

    I've had nothing but great experiences with my Rivian over 8 months. At this point, we should be past the "growing pains" point and trending like a normal car company. Meaning the percentage of cars with issues for Rivian should be the same as any other company. I think that is the case but...
  11. Rivian maintainance schedule and buying replacement parts?

    I scheduled the 7.5k mile service. I get my tyres rotated every 5k miles so they will skip that. For the rest of it they will charge $100. That's the cheapest service I've ever had.
  12. Prices lowered on R1T and R1S inventory (5/23/24)

    Moments like this make me want to own a farm where I could drive around in my R1T, throwing out bails to my horses while wearing a pressed pair of jeans and shirt with cowboy boots.
  13. Prices lowered on R1T and R1S inventory (5/23/24)

    I agree. I would go with the lease at this point. I'm referring to what most people get stuck on.
  14. Prices lowered on R1T and R1S inventory (5/23/24)

    I agree. Probably better to lower the rate than the price.
  15. Tom Voelk R2 / R3x walk around deep-dive

    I'm trying to find a way to justify getting a R2 and a R3X. I've been in this spot before so it maybe a bit challenging this time around. Great content. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Starting to get interested and reading a bunch

    Glad you're looking at the Rivian. Based on a sample of one; it's the best car out there. You will need to take into consideration that the sound experience might be very different in an EV vs an ICE car. I've found the EV experience to be much more quieter and so the audio to be heightened. As...
  17. Where are all the R1S in R1 Shop?

    Sorry mate-that takes me to a generic R2 page. It's ok. The knowledge would probably have made me cry anyway. Cheers!
  18. Where are all the R1S in R1 Shop?

    What is this voucher you speak of? I've been reading that Rivian is offering things to pre-price holdouts. Just curious. Cheers.
  19. Hurricane evacuation - Rivian versus ICE truck

    OP-lots of good advice here. To add, do as much research as possible and craft a good plan. I actually got rid of my sports cars and got the Rivian because it is a good emergency vehicle. Keep in mind, if you do get stuck at home, the Rivian battery can also provide power. You might want to...
  20. Leaving R1T sit for 3 months

    OP-I went out of the country last week. First time leaving the Rivian. I set the charge at 70% and I lost about 1% per day. I didn't plug it in because I was only gone for a week. I have a neighbour and family nearby that could come over and plug it in, in a pinch. I also turned off the security...