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  1. Zoidz

    Rivian - we are not abandoning Georgia

    Atlanta Times Journal Partial paywall…. Executives for electric vehicle maker Rivian said Saturday the company remains committed to building a massive manufacturing plant 60 miles east of Atlanta despite a recent pause on construction.
  2. Zoidz

    Ford "PRICE WAR" drives RIVN under $10

    "RIVN stock slid 6.7% through noon ET on Thursday -- but not because of any mistake that Rivian made. This time, the blame belongs to Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), which just declared a price war in electric trucks, and turned Rivian stock into roadkill in the process. Have you driven a Ford...
  3. Zoidz

    Electrek - "Tesla Cybertruck teardown shows battery pack is ‘half empty’ and we are confused"

    Electrek A teardown of the Tesla Cybertruck showed that the battery pack is somehow half empty, which the chief engineer confirmed, and we are quite confused about it. At 123 kWh, the Cybertruck has the smallest battery pack of any electric pickup based on energy capacity. ... Some Munro...
  4. Zoidz

    EV Haters gonna hate - Kiwi Style

    TheDriven - Ford Ranger driver arrested for vandalising four Tesla Superchargers "Four Tesla Superchargers have been vandalised in Taupō New Zealand in an attack that appears to be an escalation of the culture war being incited against electric vehicles."
  5. Zoidz

    Here we go again - Solid State Batteries "just around the corner"

    Inside EVs Reports out of China suggest that mass-produced solid-state batteries are no longer a distant reality, but something that’s close to market launch. .... Is this really true? We don’t know for sure, but one company is making big claims. IM Motors is a joint venture between China’s...
  6. Zoidz

    A "Play by Play Illustrated Commentary" why R2 production would be challenging to retrofit into existing R1 or EDV line

    There have been a number of threads about Rivian should do this, that and the other to get R2 production up as quickly as possible, such as converting one existing line to another, sharing lines, etc. I'm no expert on automotive lines, but I have been down this road on other types of...
  7. Zoidz

    TechCrunch: Rivian’s new ‘treehouse’ rooftop tent comes with a movie projector

    A Rivian patent for just such a device was discussed here on RivianForums back in November. However this sounds like it is inside the tent. TechCrunch "The rooftop tent, which Rivian calls the treehouse, is equipped with a movie projector, which is run using power from the Rivian, Brian Gase...
  8. Zoidz

    R2 Reservation complaint - Rivian is ghosting me!

    I placed my reservation at 1:48 PM today and I got a confirmation email. It’s been over 10 hours and I have heard NOTHING else from Rivian. I don’t have a guide assigned, I can’t configure my R2, I don’t have R2 shop access. I‘m an early R1 reservation holder and owner. I got the priority...
  9. Zoidz

    NYT: Biden Calls Chinese Electric Vehicles a Security Threat

    Note: I'm posting this to discuss the pros and cons of this nationalism/protectionist type of effort, let's keep partisan politics out of the discussion. We know that China is actively cyberattacking the US. Is this a valid concern and reasonable response? Will this escalate tension with China...
  10. Zoidz

    Rivian Patents the "Ornamental Design for a Duffel Bag"

    Just goes to show that any "improvement" on an existing object is patentable. The Figure 6 sloped profile makes me think it is designed to fit in a very specific space.
  11. Zoidz

    Aether Films - Rivian Video - "Go With The Flow"

    This is an extremely well done 2 minute commercial for Rivian. It's not clear if this was done under contract for Rivian, or the company did it on their own to show their prowess. If it's not a Rivian commissioned commercial, it should be. They capture the Ethos of Rivian spot on.
  12. Zoidz

    The Penn Stater Hotel, University Park - L2 Chargepoint Chargers installed, advertised but not ACTIVATED

    Posting this for people here who travel to Penn State Main Campus for events, etc. I was at an Engineering Job Fair at Penn State University Park campus last week recruiting/interviewing. I stayed at the Penn Stater Hotel (not actually owned/operated by PSU) because that's where the event was...
  13. Zoidz

    Yahoo/Motley Fool Clickbait Article - Don't give them a click

    What a garbage article. Toyota (who has the most poorly defined and implemented EV strategy of all manufacturers) makes a general statement about their EV adoption beliefs, and Motley Fool singles out RIVIAN as being in trouble because of Toyota's beliefs. Didn't mention Tesla or any other EV...
  14. Zoidz

    EVject Breakaway NACS adapter

    Great idea? or $299 scare tactic sales pitch? EVject “Electric vehicles prevent driving while charging. You must exit your car, disconnect the charger, then rush back to the safety of your vehicle. EVject offers you a better option. It works with your Tesla’s built in safety systems to allow...
  15. Zoidz

    Fox32 Chicago: "Dead Teslas pack Chicago area Supercharger station due to frigid temps"

    Fox32 didn't do the EV industry any favors with this TV new story. But in their defense they did reach out to Tesla and got no response....
  16. Zoidz

    Unlikely to see a Rivian at Hertz Car Rental - Reuters: Car rental firm Hertz to sell 20,000 EVs for gas-powered vehicles

    Reuters If you are interested in seeing what's for sale, here ya go Rental firm Hertz Global Holdings (HTZ.O) said on Thursday it would sell about 20,000 electric vehicles from its U.S. fleet due to higher expenses related to collision and damage, and will opt for gas-powered vehicles...
  17. Zoidz

    PC Mag - "No More EV Battery Replacements? VW's Solid State Cell Holds Up for 300K Miles"

    PCMag "Volkswagen did not create the new battery; it was developed by QuantumScape, a California-based battery technology company. QuantumScape provided a prototype to Volkswagen Group-owned PowerCo, which then tested its performance over several months. The results far exceeded expectations...
  18. Zoidz

    R1T spotted in Korea neat Hyundai R&D with test vehicle plates

    thekoreancarblog.com "Our friends at Shortscar captured a Rivian R1T Electric Pickup using Korean test vehicle plates near Hyundai ‘s R&D Center in Namyang and sparked rumors about the launch of its own electric pickup truck. According to the latest announcements and plans from the...
  19. Zoidz

    Rivian announces Free LTE Connectivity through early 2024

    An update on connectivity: Rivian will continue to cover the cost of vehicle LTE connectivity through early 2024. Please look out for further updates next year. Happy holidays, everyone!
  20. Zoidz

    US approves a non-water-cooled nuclear reactor

    Some of us feel nuclear is a viable part of the EV transition puzzle. Here is a promising first step towards fortifying the electric grid for the future by building smaller regional power plants. "Unlike every commercial nuclear reactor in the country, Hermes will not be cooled by water, but by...