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  1. TexasBob

    2024 R1T back to IIHS Top Safety Pick+ (only pickup truck with TSP+ rating)

    based on revised small overlap test, 2024 R1T back to Top Safety Pick Plus https://www.teslarati.com/rivian-r1t-safety-iihs-pickup/ Scroll to bottom for updated test. https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/rivian/r1t-crew-cab-pickup/2024
  2. TexasBob

    I Dub Thee REX

    I propose that "R3X" be pronounced "rex" (as in king, ruler, etc.) not "r-three-x" (which is lame 70s-era space movie lingo). The Rivian R3X is the bad-a$$ed undisputed king of the hot hatch world. It is a tri-motor super hatch deserving of the title REX. What say you Rivian enthusiasts?
  3. TexasBob

    Ford Pulling Maverick and Broco EVs

    This looks like very excellent news for Rivian and the R2 platform. https://insideevs.com/news/710014/ford-maverick-bronco-ev-postoned/
  4. TexasBob

    How to stay Unlocked but powered down at a job site?

    Apologies for what will be an obvious question, but I cannot find answers through the search and the old RTM did help much. When I have the R1T at the job site I find that it stays on or locks and unlocks depending on my location. I need to it stay unlocked but otherwise power down (except the...
  5. TexasBob

    Driver+ Upgrade to EAP/Supercruise/BlueCruise?

    I have been searching the interwebs and the forum for any information on whether Rivian plans to bring Driver+ up to the level of automation that Tesla EAP/ GM Supercruise/ Ford BlueCruise etc. have on the highway? (Automatic lane changes, automatic freeway interchanges on mapped highways...
  6. TexasBob

    Alexa Map Integration Issues

    Why is the Rivian version of Alexa is so stupid when it comes to navigation? The map itself is very good at recognizing and finding locations but the voice command Alexa is a complete idiot. "Navigate to Kroger on ____ Dr. in Houston" Alexa: Okay there is a Kroger in ____ Ohio, do you want that...
  7. TexasBob

    Hyundai To Use NACS Starting In 2024

    The end. https://insideevs.com/news/689976/hyundai-use-tesla-nacs-connector-us-starting-2024/ Cannot wait to get my adapter for the R1S. C'mon Rivian... be first out the gate!
  8. TexasBob

    Need Advice: Road Trip Take Rivian or Tesla?

    Looking for some honest advice from more experienced Rivian owners: I need to do a 1,200 mile road trip this week (Houston to NW Arkansas round trip). My R1S has 600 miles on it and no issues, but between the endless stories about horrible charging networks and what appears to be (from reading...
  9. TexasBob

    Groaning When Kneeling

    I am hearing a groaning sound whenever the R1S kneels (which makes me feel like a kindred spirit because there is also a groaning sound when I kneel but I am old and the RIS is new so…) is this typical? It is not super loud but is sounds like a creaking door.
  10. TexasBob

    Silverado 450 Miles of Range

    The range wars begin... https://electrek.co/2023/05/19/chevy-silverado-ev-electric-pickup-450-miles-range/ The Consumer RST will probably have something less due to wheel size and power.
  11. TexasBob

    Lucid Rolls Out New Leasing to End-Run Price Caps... Rivian to Follow?

    I am assuming Rivian will follow suit soon. Here is the email from Lucid today. No price cap, no income cap, simple capital cost reduction on lease.
  12. TexasBob

    VW Bringing Back "Scout" Competitor for Rivian

    Well these images look vaguely familiar. "Leaked" from the VW design group, the company is voting tomorrow to spin out a stand-alone EV company to bring back the Scout name and produce an off-road electric pickup and SUV for the US market. According to the WSJ, "is set to resurrect the Scout...
  13. TexasBob

    Rivian Needs a No Re-Sale Clause Now

    So Rivian has done the right thing and reinstated the pre-order pricing for all of us that had an order on March 1. It now needs to add a one-year no resale clause in the sales contract to prevent people grandfathered into the old pricing from taking advantage of their discount to profit from...