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  1. electruck

    Charging at Buccees in Temple?

    Anyone charged in Temple? Rivian app shows M-B Charging network at Buccees but don't see it in PlugShare. Is this the brand new ChargePoint station with M-B co-brand?
  2. electruck

    Leviton announces 50A EV charging receptacle

  3. electruck

    Rivian a SPE finalist - Best in Automotive Innovation: Body Exterior Category (for thermoplastic split-gate)

  4. electruck

    ChargePoint Will Soon Offer NACS Connector Options for Its Charging Solutions

    Haven't seen this shared yet. I'm happy to see that I'll eventually be able to swap out the connector on my Home Flex instead of having to replace the entire unit to convert from CCS to NACS. Probably not something I'll want to do until I eventually replace my current R1S but good to know I'll...
  5. electruck

    GM, Stellantis bail out supplier Unique Fabricating

    "The company, which also counts Rivian Automotive Inc. and Bosch as customers, aims to continuing [sic] operating amid the restructuring process and potential sale." https://www.crainsdetroit.com/auto-suppliers/gm-and-stellantis-bail-out-supplier-unique-fabricating
  6. electruck

    7-Eleven launching 7Charge network

    Only a few locations so far and all appear to be a very underwhelming 90 kW but it's nice to see a company like 7 Eleven with plans to scale. If they would only invest in faster chargers. Installing anything less than 150 kW chargers seems extremely short sighted at this point...
  7. electruck

    EVgo and Amazon Partner to Enable EV Drivers to Locate and Pay for Charging with Alexa

    Wonder how/if Rivian will incorporate these forthcoming Alexa capabilities. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20230105005303/en/
  8. electruck

    Rivian project granted federal wetlands permit, site work to expand

  9. electruck

    will supply chains ever return to "normal"?

    9-12 months for Acura dealership to get collision repair parts.... https://www.fox4news.com/news/on-your-side-waiting-for-repairs
  10. electruck

    Rivian R1T Powers Patient’s Vasectomy After Clinic Power Outage

    https://www.thedrive.com/news/doctor-performs-vasectomy-running-surgery-on-a-rivian-r1t o_O
  11. electruck

    Autonomy places giant EV order from Tesla, GM, VW, Ford, Rivian, and more

    The order includes 1000 Rivians. https://electrek.co/2022/08/09/autonomy-places-giant-ev-order-tesla-gm-vw-ford-rivian/
  12. electruck

    SMS Order Updates

    Anyone know when the SMS Order Updates got added to messaging preferences? I just happened to notice this today. Probably been there for months without me noticing. I usually only check my account for a Guide assignment or test drive opportunity.
  13. electruck

    CT SB 214

  14. electruck

    Rivian hires Magna Steyr executive as COO, report says

  15. electruck

    West Virginia HB4560: No F'n Way

    West Virginia Bill Aims to Ban Over-the-Air Updates, Direct Car Sales The bill states any fixes or updates to a car must be applied through the dealership, not directly by the automaker. I don't live in WV but this kind of legislation could be a slippery slope setting precedent for other states...
  16. electruck

    Apple Music over Bluetooth

    For the Apple fans in the house, I ran across this on IG today and couldn't remember seeing it shared here so thought you guys might be interested. Unfortunately this only speaks to the UI and not the codecs employed.
  17. electruck

    RIP Mark Vinnels

    After posting earlier this morning about former McLaren employees at Rivian, I got curious about one key person that had left Rivian in 2020. I was curious to see what exciting new project he had moved on to after Rivian. Sadly, I did not find the answer I expected. I am very sad to report that...
  18. electruck

    article: I tried to add EV chargers to my rental property. Here’s what happened

    This was a very interesting read that reflects on some of the real world barriers to home charging and thus wide-spread EV adoption. My home is new enough and has enough service capacity that installing my ChargePoint unit was trivial. But as this article points out, there are a lot of...