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    Supercharging limitation - is this new?

    My wife and I took both our EVs from Washington to Utah and back. Between the 2 cars we did 8 stops each day. So yeah, if you use your plan as a family. It’s like Netflix account limiting how many devices can access that account at once. No different. So if you had a fleet you would just need to...
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    Thank you for the shop tour TWRAPS!

    @twraps is our first stop for rivian aftermarket accessories. I have probably got 5 shipments from them in the past 2 years.
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    Volvo EX30... larger than expected... will it be available in the USA before the R2?

    Volvo will be the first legacy manufacturer to get half way to Tesla/rivian in terms of adopting real EV trends and demands. They are going to a minimalistic 1 screen for everything with meaningful OTA updates. Now they just need to cancel dealers. the EX90 also looks great but it took too long...
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    Getting the needle inflator to work

    It doesn’t fit well. I found it works best to push the silver adapter into the ball (with the needle in the middle pushing into the ball) with good force to create a good seal that way. When you first start it’s almost like you are making the ball flat because you are pushing so hard. hopefully...
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    Beating the bird poop!

    I knew fake owls worked but I didn’t know they worked that well. if that becomes less effective you can get noise deterrents $30 to $50 on Amazon.
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    Our new family member

    I love this group. The inside jokes, the genuine care for each other, and the poking of fun like siblings.
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    Our new family member

    Too bad it was just for staging. But would be kinda nice. 🤣
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    Our new family member

    We name him Jumbo Jr, or Dumbo. The color is an exact match.
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    Odometer display disappeared. How to restore?

    Remember people have an “odometer” that never reset one of the trip meters. This is what many people do. They keep a trip meter as the odometer from day one.
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    Has anyone had their Rivian stolen?

    I don’t even think the tracking prevents it. they are just too hard so it just doesn’t happen. So many thefts now are for joy rides. (Kia and Hyundai) literally teens go get a new ride every night because those cars are so easy. Or they duplicate your fob from outside your house. And drive...
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    Battery temperature at 90 degrees

    Even that gauge is just for guidance. You will get a real warning on your driver screen if there is a real issue. That gauge in infotainment is just that. I say don’t worry about things unless an actually warning comes on and just enjoy.
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    Drilling hole in hood?

    This is awesome. Please post a new thread when done. I love individual personal touches to a vehicle.
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    Hauling lumber with R1T?

    Here is the Thread from when I did it. it’s not a super OEM look but I use the heck out of it. And it comes off in 5 min if I need more aero or taller bed space.
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    Lease FAQs

    In getting ready to lease our R1S I found this page which I though was good to share Lease FAQ https://www.chase.com/personal/auto-loans/rivian/leasefaqs
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    USB-C hub for front console

    I also just run a charge cable from the back screen ports.
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    Hauling lumber with R1T?

    I knew from the beginning I would need it. I haul 10ft material weekly for work. I just got creative and retro mod a rack on the back. I have Had it this way for 2 years now
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    Portland Rivian Club

    I live in Vancouver. I have had an R1T for 2 years. We are now getting an R1S on top of that. No worried at all!!! I live in Minnehaha area too (I am not Ridgefield or Camas) Basically totally fine, I passed 4 other rivians today in this area.