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  1. MountainBikeDude

    Rivian R2 Platform Photo From Q4 Shareholder Letter

    Not sure if this has been posted yet or not, but part of the Q4 shareholder letter, was an image of the R2 platform showing some of it's underpinnings like front Coil-over suspension, seemingly dual motor setup, as well as battery "penthouse" moved rearward on the platform.
  2. MountainBikeDude

    Canadian Day Time Running Lights "Recall" Fixed By 2024.03.02

    Likely the reason for the partial delay in release, Stop Sale order which some Canadians had posted about, and subsequent simultaneous CAN/US OTA. Unfortunately a recall is a recall is a recall, despite the ability to remedy it via software. Hi Adam...
  3. MountainBikeDude

    Rivian Patents Crossbar Roof Light

    Rivian has two versions, one with a front and rear integrated light into the crossbar housing, powered by what seems to be a future powered crossbar connection. Also, an integrated power source akin to track lighting for additional bolt on lights etc. Source...
  4. MountainBikeDude

    Rivian Subscription Services - A Look At What's Coming?

    Source: u/ddd1330 Take this with a grain of salt, but could indicate remote gear guard viewing is coming along with an AA/CP workaround via screen mirroring. Unfortunately it's coming at a cost... Original Thread "I’m working with Rivian Fleet on acquiring multiple vehicles (R1’s & RCV’s)...
  5. MountainBikeDude

    Rivian Christmas / Hanukkah / Holidays Swag: Post photos of yours!

    Let me kick this off with a shirt my sister in law made for me...
  6. MountainBikeDude

    Cybertruck taking the road less traveled

    Per the video, the cybertruck went off the road, but then struggled to get back up. They commented the software governing the lockers wasn't functioning, but also highlighted the lack of recovery points on the vehicle. I assume they tied up to the lower control arms.
  7. MountainBikeDude

    Tonneau Cover Shipments Resume - Official Email and Delivery Window

    Just recieved. Preorder June 2019, delivery March 2023 FYI.
  8. MountainBikeDude

    Software Update 2023.38 Release Notes 🛜

    Per RivianTrackr https://rivian.software/2023-38/ 2023.38 Internal Release Date: 10/04/2023 Check out these new features, improvements, and bug fixes found in Rivian Update 2023.38 Reimagined Drive Modes App And Towing Experience The new Drive Modes app brings a visual overhaul to drive...
  9. MountainBikeDude

    Kim Java strikes again!

    Why Kim must you influence the young children of the world to test glass strength with their @$$es?
  10. MountainBikeDude

    RJ's Bloomberg Interview in Full (July 5th 2023) + Highlights Summary

    While the article has been posted here previously, the full interview was recently uploaded to Youtube. Key Highlights - Speaks to Rivian moving away from Amazon EDV exclusivity while touching on how crucial the deal with Amazon has been - Reduction of semiconductors in the Enduro drive train...
  11. MountainBikeDude

    Tire Repair / Rotation

    Morning Guys, Curious if any have had Rivian do a tire repair and if it's in any way covered or overall cost? Backstory Took the T and family up past Whistler and down along Lilooet Lake FSR through Harrison Lake area, around 130+kms of dirt logging roads. The T handled itself fabulously, and...
  12. MountainBikeDude

    Rivian Pikes Peak Testing

    Follow the links for photos of the truck and a video of the test runs! Can't wait to see how it performs, just wish it didn't have the 110mph limitation Edit* added a screenshot of the race truck
  13. MountainBikeDude

    Rivian App has a color changing bar, anyone know what it means?

    I've noticed in the Rivian app the menu at the base changes color, orange sometimes, off white others, with no rhyme or reason. The vehicle can be sleeping or awake, and it doesn't seem to corelate. Anyone know why?
  14. MountainBikeDude

    Dual-Motor Enduro Production Update by Rivian COO Frank Klein

    Enduro Production line update from Frank Klein, Rivian's COO. Key take aways - Two years to complete the additional facility which includes the 4 production lines necessary to build them. - Motors fully developed within Rivian by Rivians engineers - Production came online February 3rd. - Since...
  15. MountainBikeDude

    I need community help on color choice🤔Update: El Cap for the win

    My question for the group is, which color should I go for, and why do you think it would be the better choice? Sorry teamyellow, my wife won't let me drive a taxi around Vancouver. I've been firmly El Cap for ages, but have been leaning a little more to Glacier White as delivery day...
  16. MountainBikeDude

    Canadian Deliveries - Vancouverites! Are you getting your trucks yet?

    Starting to see more Rivians floating around the city, just curious if there are any users here that have taken delivery. If so, couple questions for you. - Rivian apparently has partnered with Scotiabank as their bank of choice in Canada, if any of you got a loan, what was the rate offered? -...
  17. MountainBikeDude

    What will you do given the Max Pack delay?

    As the title asks, given the change in production dates, what are you, as a max pack order holder, going to do
  18. MountainBikeDude

    ⛔️ Powered Tonneau cover removed from R1T production until further notice on all future deliveries

    Hi Adam, We recently shared with R1T owners that we are upgrading the powered tonneau cover. As we go through the process, we are removing the powered tonneau cover from production. We plan to re-introduce this feature later, but a date has not been set. For the foreseeable future, all...
  19. MountainBikeDude

    🇨🇦 [Update Sep 29 - Rivian Receives Clearance Certification to Import R1T / R1S!] Rivian failed to meet Transport Canada requirements to import

    For the Canadians 🍁 , myself included, not the best news. The article implies it could be something minimal that didn't meet import regs, hopefully it's resolved soon. Gas in Vancouver BC is currently at 2.33 cdn/litre, or 8.80cdn/gal... or... 6.47usd, and no signs of coming down anytime soon...