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  1. Swap out - or not?

    Go with the 20s. Many more options than the 21s.
  2. Entire Tesla Supercharger team fired (Update: Elon Musk says supercharger network growth will continue). ** ⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS **

    Hahahaha. And you alone understand the business implications involved? It was a temper tantrum and now he has to fix it. But he will never admit he’s wrong.
  3. How often does your Infotainment reset on its own?

    Only resets I get is from a new software update. But never have to reload contacts.
  4. Any updates on receiving the Tesla charging adapter?

    Yeah that seems to be the company line. But there is no way they can do that.
  5. Conflict at the Supercharger

    Why doesn't it reflect well? Nothing wrong with debating stuff.
  6. Conflict at the Supercharger

    No one here has acted even close to the Tesla owner in question. And most are being sarcastic about blocking chargers on purpose.
  7. Adapter to use at Tesla supercharger

    No you can’t use a J1772 to NACS adapter. You have to wait for the CCS to NACS adapter from Rivian or buy one from A2Z. And are you sure it was the address confirmation and not the opt in email? I’d be surprised to see an R1S get an adapter this quick.
  8. Tesla is backtracking and hiring some people back for the supercharger team(s)

    I doubt the entire supercharger team was worth firing. It was just a CEO overreacting to someone that won’t follow his orders. Hope it bites him in the ass like twitter did.
  9. Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    I think the 4/4 email was the opt in email. Very few have gotten the address confirmation email.
  10. Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    Nothing I said depicted hate towards anyone, maybe that's your bias towards people critical of Tesla. You seem to know what the deal is between Tesla and Rivian for the adapters so that's why I'm asking.
  11. Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    But wouldn't Tesla dictate how many adapters are made? and they can easily stop work on those orders.
  12. Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    Guess that's a possibility too. Which would really suck. I hope there is some language in the supercharger contract that won't let them, at least for awhile.
  13. Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    That would be my guess too. Seems like they have paused shipping the adapters to Ford and Rivian. All the more reason for Rivian to certify some 3rd party adapters.
  14. Conflict at the Supercharger

    If the RAN is opened up to other EVs and that's the only way a Tesla can charge then yes I'd be ok with it. That's what they have to do to charge. And it's Rivians decision to open up the network and their responsibility to ensure all cars can charge. They should install longer cables in that...
  15. Conflict at the Supercharger

    I don't have an irrational hate for Elon, I just don't like him or his business attitude and won't give him money if I have the chance. I'll use my adapter if there aren't any other available chargers in the area. And no I'm not going to buy yet another adapter (extension cable) so I can charge...
  16. Conflict at the Supercharger

    I can't see how an extension cord will work well. Probably limited charging due to heat. And I won't buy a $300 extension cord to make up for Elon's short sightedness.
  17. 2025 Standard Pack LFP Battery EPA Test data released. Heat pump confirmed

    Only if you are a person that believes in “never buy a first year of a new model “. I don’t think it will matter much.