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  1. Three-Way 275/60R20 Efficiency Comparison: Ram/AS, Ram/AT, OEM/AS

    I think you are underestimating the impact of slight differences in speed. A) Ram 2363s with Pirelli AS+3, 2.29 mi/kWh @ 55 MPH average C) OEM "Staples" with Pirelli AS+3, 2.15 mi/kWh 🤯 @ 60 MPH average Wind drag increases with the square of the speed. 5MPH may not seem like a lot. But it...
  2. Share your efficiency

    My average over the last 10 months / 12,000 miles is 1.8. Quad Large, 22" wheels
  3. Conflict at the Supercharger

    If there is still 50% magnitude uncertainty as to the final dimensions then mass production is still pretty far off. Rivian's version of Soon must be contagious. Or at least I hope so. I really hope they spend a while testing after they settle on what they expect is the final design. Or are...
  4. Conflict at the Supercharger

    I agree, you shouldn't take up 2 spots. But just because a Tesla can't use the spot next to you does not mean you are taking up 2 spots. The spot next to you is available for any Ford/Rivian to use. Every Tesla that plugs in is taking up 2 stalls from a Rivian/Ford driver's perspective...
  5. March 2024 EV truck registrations - R1T vs Cybertruck vs Lightning

    The relevant stat is ( R1T + R1S ). For every T they build it means there is one less S that they can build. As long as the demand for the S is sufficient Rivian is better off just selling a bunch of S's at higher prices even if that means they don't sell any T's. I also don't think it is...
  6. BEWARE - EVGo at Pilot Flying J - ripoff pricing

    We should all just exclusively change at EA stations in Nebraska. $7.09 / 60.528 KWH = $0.12 per KWH I have no idea how that could possibly be profitable for them, even if they are getting free electricity from the state. But if it is profitable, it really illustrates how ridiculous anything...
  7. KIA EV9 vs. Rivian R1S: Comprehensive Overview, Key Questions, Buy or Lease Scenarios?

    But half speed (or worse) charges at the wrong chargers. And the most reliable chargers (Tesla) are the "wrong" ones. With everyone moving to Tesla chargers (that don't currently support 800v charging) I wouldn't consider a 800v vehicle right now since they won't be able to take full advantage...
  8. Visiting Dubai-need advice from fellow local Rivianits on safari.

    You know Rivians are not sold outside of North America right? You're not very likely to find many Dubai locals here.
  9. Advice on lease order where vehical was cancelled

    Yes it happens occasionally. Usually when the vehicle is damaged in transit or fails the predelivery inspection at the delivery center. Would you really want them to sell you a vehicle that tell off the transport truck when they were trying to unload it?
  10. Any Battery Degradation in your Rivian yet?

    I don't think there is any point in adding fleet data because it doesn't seem like Rivian is taking degradation into account when calculating the range. The fleet data would just show that everyone's vehicle is reporting no drop in range.
  11. Starting Car Noise

    Sounds like the AC to me. Turn off the AC and see if it stops.
  12. Guess what I found

    Yes. It works both ways. Just about anything looks good when compared to an Aztec, Even a cyber truck.
  13. Guess what I found

    Tesla should hire you to be their official photographer. I have thought the Cybertruck looks incredibly stupid in most pictures and when I have seen it in real life. But I actually think it looks pretty good in your pictures. I guess it is the rear half that I object to, because with the...
  14. Crossbars alternative? Anyone tried this brand?

    If the crossbars are intended as a one time use thing, then I would go for the cheap aftermarket option. But if you are expecting to leave these permanently attached or use them frequently then the OEM bars are totally worth the extra money. Rivian's crossbars are really nice, both in...
  15. EPA Test Data confirms Standard Battery and Standard+ are software locked versions of either Large or Max pack batteries

    I predict this was a temporary config and that creating a real standard range battery is part of the shutdown. If not, then wow - if the software lock doesn't include artificial limits on the charging curve to make it behave more like you are using the top 80% instead of the bottom 80% that...
  16. Lock Only at home doesnt work

    Mine "at home" settings stopped working this week too. Rebooting the computer (L+R buttons) fixed it.
  17. Battery Replacement Hypothetical

    I've been back for warranty repairs 6 times in 6 months. These vehicles are not going to last as long as a Toyota. And I would be hesitant to spend $15,000 refurbishing a 10 year old Toyota even with their stellar reputation for reliability and longevity. Even if it hasn't completely broken...
  18. Introduction to J+ BOOSTER 2 EV Charger + Exclusive Discount

    Are the safety and durability claims as exaggerated as the performance claims? You claim 7x faster all over the place, but then also say that it is only 40A which is 20% slower than Rivian's wall charger that supports 48 amps. You claim that it can fully recharge the battery in 3-4 hours...
  19. New Rivian R1T / R1S "Touch-Up" Paint - all factory OEM colors - from EV Sportline

    @EV Sportline, can you make one that matches the black paint on the OEM wheels? Or the yellow calipers?
  20. Why not sell R1s and R1Ts at low interest rate?

    Any time you see a seller is advertising a low interest rate what is actually happening is the seller is just paying the interest. From the seller's perspective offering a below market rate interest rate has an identical impact on their bottom line as lowering the price. But from a buyer's...