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  1. azbill

    EA decides to shut down chargers along nearly 500 miles of I-95 over long holiday weekend to perform upgrades

    GM has announced that the Hummer EV will be 800V and charge at 350KW. But they also stated that all their other EVs in development, including the Cadillac SUV, will be 400V. I seriously doubt that Rivian has changed their design to 800V, in the last two years, that takes a lot of engineering...
  2. azbill

    Video: R1T Towing 11k lbs up high grades at 118º F -- Hot Weather Towing | Progress Report by Rivian

    Due to lack of charging stations, they would not have the range to do that. This is a remote location.
  3. azbill

    Hummer Reveal Teaser

    Got an email from GMC today, the official reveal will be Oct 20, 2020. The video has the "Crab Mode" with four wheel lateral steering. I alos know it will be a 800V system with 350KW charging, and the size of a GMC Sierra.
  4. azbill

    EA decides to shut down chargers along nearly 500 miles of I-95 over long holiday weekend to perform upgrades

    I have the EA App, and look at that and at PlugShare, prior to any trip. Closed stations will show a wrench on the PlugShare App. But, even looking at those apps does not tell the whole story, many times the EA app shows station as available, but it still fails to initiate when you get there...
  5. azbill

    Towing with an Electric Pickup Might Pose Charging Challenges

    Other than Tesla, the only pull through chargers I have seen pictures of is one EVGO station in CA, and even for that one, a trailer could block access depending on how it is parked. None of the EA sites are set up this way, and probably never will be, unless there is some big incentive to do so.
  6. azbill

    Federal Tax Credit for Electric Vehicle Chargers Renewed

    I bought the new ChargePoint charger this year, they are $700 on Amazon. This unit can be hardwired or used with a plug. It can be programmed for maximum output of 32A, 40A or 48A, depending on the breaker/wiring used (40A, 50A or 60A respectively). Mine is set to 40A, since I plugged it into...
  7. azbill

    Tow hitch

    When I look at the photos of the Rivian on their web site, I do not see the hitch receivers on the trucks, so I suspect they are not standard. The recent video with the towing in hot weather has one, but that is the only time I have seen the receiver on the truck.
  8. azbill

    Rivian raises another 2.5B in funding!

    There is yet another new commercial stating Amazon is already testing electric delivery vans in San Diego, but these are Fords, not Rivians. After seeing the commercial I found this article...
  9. azbill

    Let's talk about charging on long distance travel?

    Here is a guesstimate of what the charging taper may look like for the Rivian. do nto take this as exact, but it is based on a comment form RJ that stated one could charge form 10% to 90% in 35-40 minutes with 300KW charging. My assumptions: - Initial 18KW on battery - Add 81KW in 16 minutes...
  10. azbill

    Lucid Air over 500 miles on a charge!

    I have seen specifications on the CCS connector ratings, like this one. That should be the limiting factor, but it is also dependent upon the liquid cooling capability in the cable and charging units, as well as the car wiring...
  11. azbill

    Lucid Air over 500 miles on a charge!

    The standard theoretically supports 500KW: 1000Volts at 500Amp. The EA chargers support 900V and 500A, but are still limited to 350KW. 700V at 500A, or 900V at 389A.
  12. azbill

    Lucid Air over 500 miles on a charge!

    The numbers in that article are inconsistent, unless there is significant taper. They first claim 20 miles per minute, then cite 300 miles in 20 minutes, which is actually 15 miles per minute. I read another article where they claimed a max charge rate of 300KW, not 350KW, I think they are...
  13. azbill

    Poll: Rivian Factory Delivery & Tour

    I understand it is not up to Rivian, it is just that I prefer not to pay tax to a state I do not live in. I would rather pay a delivery charge to get it in my home state.
  14. azbill

    Poll: Rivian Factory Delivery & Tour

    I buy a new boat at a dealership in Blythe, CA, then towed it back to Arizona. The dealership in Blythe collected the Arizona state tax and sent it in to them. Rivian should be able to do the same thing, but if Illinois tried to charge me tax, I simply would not pick it up there.
  15. azbill

    Moab trails?

    While they were in Arizona, maybe still here, they should have done the backway to Crown King.
  16. azbill

    Let's talk about charging on long distance travel?

    Chevy also advertises the Bolt as 60KW, but actual usable is 57.4KW. They do not have any recommendation against charging to 100%, but they do have a mode called "hilltop reserve" that cuts off charging at 87%. The purpose of that is to allow regenerative braking immediately, when leaving...
  17. azbill

    Rivian configurator coming "Late Summer"

    Living in the hot Arizona desert, I just cannot imagine getting a glass roof of any kind. I a leaning toward a fixed standard roof, but might consider the removable one.
  18. azbill

    Lucid Motors SUV

    Chargers based on 110V, 220V all use J1772 connector. CCS is the same connector but just uses two extra DC plugs. You will not need any adapter for the Rivian, at least not on the vehicle end. Charging on 110v will be useless. GM provided me with a 110V portable charger for the Bolt, I have...
  19. azbill

    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    If you look on the Rivian site at the picture of the skateboard and of the R1S side view, you will see the batteries are all forward of the rear axle, but the third row seat backs are behind the axle. There will be a need with three rows of seats to provide legroom just in front of the axle...
  20. azbill

    Poll: Rivian Factory Delivery & Tour

    I have been considering it, but also thought about the possibility of picking it up at their planned location in Laguna Beach. For me that is an easy 1 hour flight from Phoenix to John Wayne airport, then a short Uber ride. I would like to see them offer that option for people in the southwest.