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  1. JMR1T

    Video: Preproduction R1T Begin Rolling Off The Line!

    Edit: ohmman beat me to it. Good catch! The 7-pin is on the left hand side of the hitch, you can see 3 of the 4 silver bolts holding it in place. It also has surrounding indents where it looks like a plastic cover will conceal the hitch.
  2. JMR1T

    Tesla, Rivian in court over trade secrets

    Has anyone else run across this article? It popped up in my news feed last week. Adding to this thread because it is lawsuit related, but also relevant to the Long Way Up thread. I don't have a strong opinion about the article, just wanted to...
  3. JMR1T

    Factory Tour and Accepting Delivery On-Site... and My "Dream Delivery"

    I'm seeing one way flights from Denver into Bloomington International (BMI) for $140. Looked at a couple other major cities across the country and had relatively comparable flight costs if you can get to a major airport. I would definitely go this route instead of trying to fly into Chicago and...
  4. JMR1T

    Poll: Rivian Factory Delivery & Tour

    Interesting timing of this topic.. :like: Just last night I was planning what the return trip to Denver would look like. I do not currently own an EV and my reservation is for the 135 kWh. Would be an awesome experience to tour the factory. Used the PlugShare app to map out the route for...
  5. JMR1T

    New Official Video: Normal, August 2020 | Progress Report | Rivian

    Why would they be pushing new expansion projects if they had space available in the factory? Don't forget the R1T/R1S aren't their only products under development. Who knows how many other undisclosed projects could be taking place concurrently. We haven't seen any Amazon van updates in a...
  6. JMR1T

    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    Pre-Order #398xx Date: 1/2/20 Kicking myself for not ordering sooner