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    Fully Charged covers Long Way Up and Rivian & R1T

    Hey I don't have apple tv. do you know how I might be able to watch this ? Thanks: JIM
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    Video: Preproduction R1T Begin Rolling Off The Line!

    Chocolate Color on a vehicle has always been dicey and wouldn't be something I would be interested in but would blend well in the outdoors for camping enthusiasts. Might also look better in better light. Will be interesting to see what the PR people name it so it sounds attractive. Seats look...
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    Rivian configurator coming "Late Summer"

    Well we will definitely have to "see" all the options available before knowing how to configure our rigs. Have they not put enough vehicles together yet for us to even see how they look in various trims ? I am most interested to see how the interior is coming out. Have they changed much from the...
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    Rivian R1T to participate in the 2020 Rebelle Rally

    Xtra interesting - good for them !
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    Rivian R1T to participate in the 2020 Rebelle Rally

    2 woman piloting the Rivian in this "Race", and they have won twice before. Very Interesting ! Seems like this should be news in and of itself. I wonder if the idea to have woman drivers was intentional by Rivian since a BEV truck is such a innovative concept why not break some more stereotypes...
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    R1T accessories & options wish list.

    Not necessarily if the turbines didn't take up any extra space like in the very front bumper. Not saying this would really be viable it just never occured to me to even think about it before. I would guess ev designers have thought about it and it wasn't worth it to loose the aerodynamics.
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    R1T accessories & options wish list.

    Undoubtably the future. We are just not there yet I n terms of practicality. For now we just need more Grid power produced by large solar and wind arrays. Makes me wonder about adding wind power do the front of an EV.
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    R1T accessories & options wish list.

    One thing I don't see mentioned would be slide out rack for the gear tunnel similar to the pull out kitchen but more for tools and other smaller items. That thing right now is best suited to long skinny things that can be grabbed easily without reaching way in, but if someone were storing tools...
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    R1T accessories & options wish list.

    Absolutely Sentry mode. Who knows how ICE truck owners are going to react to these new trucks in the outback. Look at the kickback on Teslas and think about it for trucks. Maybe even add some electroshock features like the car KITT had in Knight Rider !
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    R1T accessories & options wish list.

    To all who are asking for solar on the vehicle though that would be very cool unless there are some recent developments I don't know about we are still aways from that being a viable option. EV vehicles take way more power to charge than any solar panel on the roof or tonneou could provide. My...
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    Our own "configurator" Thread

    Thinking about the mid grade 135 kw in Silver and please a non wood interior trim option. Should be so many cool tech things included that i will be like a kid in a candy store.
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    Our own "configurator" Thread

    Didn't that recent factory walk through with RJ show him looking at 21" ASR and 20" AT's ?
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    (Bed) size matters

    Roof rack or roof rack transferred to the bed should work. Bet they offer an attachment just for skis.
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    (Bed) size matters

    Wouldn't they fit in the gear tunnel?
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    (Bed) size matters

    Not sure why people are concerned with carrying plywood flat. Very few pickups on the road can do that unless it is a dedicated work truck which is a bear to park or drive in the city. I have often put a half dozen or more sheets of plywood in a short bed pickup with the tailgate up when I...
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    Bed length

    I am no longer in construction so I don't really care but a tail gate down carrying building materials is not fun. I was always worried about stuff falling out on the road. However at 4'-6" which is closer to what I have heard with the tail gate up you can easily carry a half dozen sheets of 4x...
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    Yellow and Blue R1T promotional shoot with Normal Police

    Thank God there will be a non wood option and it might even be cheaper. I just don't care for the wood look in this high tech vehicle though Mercedes pulls it off nicely it just doesn't work here imo. Mercedes woods are so polished and dark you have to really look hard to know they are wood. A...
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    Video: NO OTHER Car Has These 5 Features ...Except for RIVIAN!

    Yeah he sure did sidestep the Tankturn answer. Lots of legal stuff will have to be considered as if this feature is really available it will undoubtably be used and abused in unbelievable youtube ready ways. Right now doing a donut in a city parking lot will get you a careless driving ticket so...
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    Video Feature: Long Way Up -- R1T's 13k mile all-electric journey from Patagonia to LA

    Too bad they didn't have closer to the production suspension. If anyone has traveled the roads in some of those south and central American countries you know how they could really let you know what you might want to make better. I am sure they still learned a lot. I would like to see what kind...
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    Going offroad in your Rivian

    I also wonder if there will be a rock mode button where hitting the gas will not come on too fast. 0-60 in 3 seconds could make for a too quick acceleration while moving through rocky terrain. I notice quite a bit of wheel spin in their videos when climbing rocky hills. Since there is no low...