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    Rivian Exec Says Interior will "Wow" Buyers

    Based in this thread, has anyone ever wondered if there would be screens for back seat passengers where kids spend their time in the vehicle and those screens are the best time killers for kids
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    In LA auto show event, they compared it with range rover model. But I'm trying to imagine the size in perspective to a true 7 seater SUV
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    Has anyone wondered about the dimensions of R1S and R1T? I'm just trying to imagine how tall/long and wide both r1s and r1t would be compared to other vehicles in the market segment. For example, which vehicle can we compare R1s with? A ford expedetion or a gmc Yukon or a chevy suburban...
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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    Ordered on Dec 19 2019 and #199××
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    What we might see in that configurator: Options, Launch Edition, etc...

    I came across below after CES where amazon displayed built in Alexa feature. Since amazon is investing in rivian, this could be an option that will be offered whilr configuring. If you open that amazon link, you will find more details.
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    Anyone from Nebraska?
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    Why are you buying your Rivian?

    I have been driving challenger srt8 model for last 7 years(Still love my car to every single drive) and I love the instant pickup. If I drive any other car, I dont feel like they have any life in them. I was a huge fan of tesla(reservation holder for model 3) but then went with subaru for my...
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    Colorado Senate passes bill allowing EV sales directly from manufacturer to consumer

    Good to hear. I hope rest of the states follow same steps
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    Podcast with RJ and Rivian COO Jim Morgan

    dont see any useful information related to R1s or R1t :(
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    Attending Fully Charged Live in Austin?

    Any idea on where would be the sunglass' holder? I dont think we have seen a spot for one. I was assuming that would be the piece printed RIVIAN in the above picture. Thoughts?
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    Windshield Wiper Fluid Dispensers

    Hello Everyone!! Has anyone ever wondered where the windshield wiper fluid dispensers are placed and also where the fluid is stored? There is no place in the frunk to pour the fluid and also no dispensers on the hood. :surprised::fingerscrossed::confused::facepalm: