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  1. Mjhirsch78

    Rivian R1T Design Deep Dive by a Designer

    Interesting video. He was very thorough.
  2. Mjhirsch78

    Lucid Motors SUV

    The Lucid Air is a beautiful car. However for an suv or rally car as a second to the future R1T in our family, it seems Rivian is a better match for our lifestyle.
  3. Mjhirsch78

    Yellow and Blue R1T promotional shoot with Normal Police

    I like this brighter yellow a lot. It would be a tough choice if they did a copper color too. So much excitement.
  4. Mjhirsch78

    Rivian Eyes Laguna Beach South Coast Cinemas

    Partnering with REI, Sylvansport, or other outdoor brands seems like a really good idea.
  5. Mjhirsch78

    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    I love all you beautiful nerds. This is a great math treasure hunt. Thank you for compiling all of this. 2/1/2020 #414XX
  6. Mjhirsch78

    Rivian Battery Poll - VOTE HERE

    180 kwh R1T. We travel around to various trails 2-3 times per week and the 400ish miles would allow us to do all of them charging only when we get back to the house or at the hotel/campsite. Also, we intend to tow our super light camp-tent trailer with mountain bikes and kayaks. That will...
  7. Mjhirsch78

    Rivian Announces New Timelines - R1T Delivery Begins June 2021 and R1S in August 2021. Pilot Production Starts

    No other electric pickup will be out by June of 2021. Anyone who has not preordered will not get one until likely 2023 due to production ramp up. It is good to have confirmation finally.
  8. Mjhirsch78

    Tesla, Rivian in court over trade secrets

    Welcome to the big leagues Rivian. You have your first lawsuit! Kind of hard to argue with no product to use as evidence out in the world to compare, don’t ya think?
  9. Mjhirsch78

    Where Does Rivian Go From Here: Future Talk

    China has a lot of people, but how big is the truck market there? As far as I can find, Western Europe also doesn’t seem to have the same large vehicle market (trucks and such). So it seems they would need smaller vehicles before they would push into those markets.
  10. Mjhirsch78

    Safe, fast-charging lithium battery handles 5 times the current
  11. Mjhirsch78

    Anyone worried?

    Torn on the going public thing. Their stock would be a no-brainer. However, it leaves them somewhat at the whims of investors who are often clueless and completely without vision. A company like Rivian will soar because they know their vision and are not hindered by folks locking them down. It...
  12. Mjhirsch78

    So No Deliveries in 2020?

    Great article. That major survey a while back indicated 75% of EV owners have never charged away from home. The article points out this requires you own a home to charge at. It further illustrates the engineering and economic challenges for charging and just electricity systems ahead as the EV...
  13. Mjhirsch78

    Rivian drops images of R1T in new color

    Yeah videos give a much better taste of things. Here’s to hoping for videos showing off different colors.
  14. Mjhirsch78

    Rivian drops images of R1T in new color

    If they have don’t that burnt copper, this will likely be the color.
  15. Mjhirsch78

    Rivian Plans Major Plant Expansion In Normal

    Yeah. The waiting is hard. So many companies are pushing back dates. If it gets to me by the end of next summer I’ll be happy. It is exciting that they are expanding, but I want my flippin’ truck!!
  16. Mjhirsch78

    Rivian plans own charging network called Rivian Adventure Network!

    Olympic National Park would be nice too. While we’re at it: let’s hit Glacier and Teddy Roosevelt parks also. Driving northern U.S. is a bit rough for EVs right now.
  17. Mjhirsch78

    Why are you buying your Rivian?

    Wife and I have wanted a truck for twenty years, but wife said no way she would buy that much gas. Currently having a midlife crisis and wanting a sports car for that get-up-and-go. Have also wanted to go electric, but it was not really functional for the distances we were driving (200-300 mile...