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  1. Lil'O Annie

    New Official Video: Normal, August 2020 | Progress Report | Rivian

    Hooray, a progress report! Building looks pretty empty, though. Certainly can see why the delivery estimate has been moved to June 2021.
  2. Lil'O Annie

    POLL: When do you think Rivian will open the Configurator?

    As we all sit around twiddling our thumbs waiting for our Rivians, here's a silly poll to give us something to do. We've heard a number of different dates/quarters/years when Rivian will open the configurator. It keeps moving out later and later. So, when do you REALLY think Rivian will get...
  3. Lil'O Annie

    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    Ooooo...Cool!!! Wish my number was lower, but at least now I know where we are on this list. THANKS!!! My number...drum roll please... #3146 per-ordered 12/4/2018
  4. Lil'O Annie

    Rivian Announces New Timelines - R1T Delivery Begins June 2021 and R1S in August 2021. Pilot Production Starts

    Just to prove my age and show I don't have a lot of time to wait, here's the song I keep playing in my head about all this...
  5. Lil'O Annie

    Rivian Announces New Timelines - R1T Delivery Begins June 2021 and R1S in August 2021. Pilot Production Starts

    Bummer. But, I guess that gives us more time to consider other options. I'm not getting any younger and life if too short to wait much longer. We needed this pickup 2 years ago. Thought we'd get it last December, then early 2020, then Covid hit, then it moved to early 2021, now it's moved way...
  6. Lil'O Annie

    Lack of Communication??

    Does it bother anyone else that Rivian rarely communicates with its pre-order folks?? Is it really all that hard to send out a monthly email to let us know what's going on? Lack of communication makes me feel a bit forgotten. It's probably just me.
  7. Lil'O Annie

    Rivian plans own charging network called Rivian Adventure Network!

    Washington state desperately needs DC chargers in the North Cascades, Okanogan & Colville national forest areas. There are NO DC chargers of any kind these areas with lots of rough national forest roads and great places to go. It's a charger desert until you reach the Canadian border, which is...
  8. Lil'O Annie

    Let's talk about charging on long distance travel?

    I've used the Shell CCS charges at a gas/mini-mart/fast-food location in E. Washington state twice. It was actually FREE at the time, but that probably won't always be the case. Shell and BP are two oil companies that are installing EV chargers here and there.
  9. Lil'O Annie

    Why are you buying your Rivian?

    Want one because: we're farmers and must have off-road pickups, we're wildlife photographers and need a quiet vehicle that can get us into the back country, and after driving electric for over 3 years now in my little Bolt EV I'm totally convinced that EV's a flat out better than ICEs for so...
  10. Lil'O Annie

    When Did You Pre-Order Your Rivian?

    Just curious. Wondering where I am in the line. I sent my money Dec. 4, 2018.
  11. Lil'O Annie

    So No Deliveries in 2020?

    Some of you may already know this, but I just came across this info. Looks like Rivian won't start delivering until 2021?? BUMMER!!!! Does anyone have more info on this?? Here's a tweet from a Rivian rep...
  12. Lil'O Annie

    The Rivian Demographic??

    I guess you and I disagree about what would sell this cars. I think it would help.
  13. Lil'O Annie

    The Rivian Demographic??

    I understand the value of youthful advertising...makes all of us think buying that whatever product being sold will make us feel/look younger. I get it. I'm not saying they should shift ALL of their promotional stuff to oldies like me. I'm just saying they should ADD a few clips here and there...
  14. Lil'O Annie

    The Rivian Demographic??

    Skycote & Hmp10 Right...that's my point. Why are they focusing on the youngsters when it's us old farts that have the dough. :giggle: Hmp10, my point is why don't they directly market to some of the hobbies of demographic that can afford these vehicles and show some grey-heads out birding and...
  15. Lil'O Annie

    The Rivian Demographic??

    I was thinking about this recently. Is Rivian focusing on the right demographic, which I see as mostly young outdoor-adventure people? Which demographic will actually be able to afford these things?? How many young mountain/rock climbers, over-landers, skiers, surfers, snowboarders, etc., have...
  16. Lil'O Annie

    R1T, R1S viewing opportunity Oct. 13 in Normal, Ill.

    EyeOnRivian, hummm...don't like hearing that the EAV configurator is being pushed into 2Q of 2020 now, instead of 4Q 2019. :crying: That makes it sound like the actual deliveries will also be pushed out into 2021 instead of the end of 2020. "Online EAV configurator should be online in 2Q 2020"
  17. Lil'O Annie

    Seattle Rivian Event (photos, reactions). Blue R1T + more details revealed

    Couple of videos have shown up on YouTube for the Seattle event. Both show Rivian loading vehicles into trailers after the show. FUN!!
  18. Lil'O Annie

    Seattle Rivian Event (photos, reactions). Blue R1T + more details revealed

    There is no "glove box" in the dash. There is a pullout drawer under the console. Cup holders are pullout from the front upper edge of the console, although the rep couldn't pull it out to show me and said they are still working on it. Looks like most of the questions I had on my list were...
  19. Lil'O Annie

    Seattle Rivian Event (photos, reactions). Blue R1T + more details revealed

    Sounds like a plan! How about you take Skyote's questions and I'll take Jim's.