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    Car and Driver Article on Long Way Up

    Would have been nice to feature a road trip in the U.S. and build the charging infrastructure here. For the time being, I have no plans to drive to South America.
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    Yellow and Blue R1T promotional shoot with Normal Police

    I would buy the bottom color, with a Taupe interior. Looks more like a dark shade of copper color to me.
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    Rivian is already lobbying. What does it want?

    I like your idea and the same as you, I didn't like the way it was presented in the article.
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    Rivian is already lobbying. What does it want?

    "We're trying to limit the impact of anti-EV legislation. Sen. [John] Barrasso [R-Wyo.] keeps pushing for an EV fee on a federal basis under the claims that EVs don't pay the gas tax, so they're not supporting the highways and infrastructure. To us, that's a red-herring argument because the...
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    Rivian is already lobbying. What does it want?

    Hmmm.....Interesting article indeed. Thanks! I may be rethinking my position on Rivian and focus a little more on Lordstown Motors. My problem with Lordstown is their 80 mph top speed, but I may reconsider.
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    How Rivian will Rollout the R1T Lineup

    "contacted by an anonymous source"........I stopped there. May be true, may not be. This is getting to be a regular go to phrase, that I have found to be very unreliable. May be true, may not be. IMHO, wait for news where there are named sources, that will answer to their statements.
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    Charging station as a hook

    Ahhh, so that explains why they don't keep their roll paper receipts filled in the pumps, forcing you to go inside to get a receipt. I suppose in Nevada, the Casino's would be a good place to install chargers, or even at their Brothel's. :surprised: Casino's aren't exactly a small business...
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    Disney+ Options

    Possibly more options would always be better, unless it adds to the cost of the vehicle, then I would vote no. But, if the cost for the option is subscription based, then there are folks that will subscribe.
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    Adventurous Forever video series launched by Rivian

    Looks more "rootbeer" to me too. It's the color I would choose, if it becomes available with a "taupe" interior.
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    When Did You Pre-Order Your Rivian?

    You're ahead of me. I got in around the time Amazon made their investment with Rivian, which I think was in Feb 2019?
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    What would you like to see on your new Rivian or from the Rivian company??

    I agree with your comments. My comments below are me thinking out loud and not to persuade anyone. I would only rent a vehicle for distances longer than Rivian's charge (300 miles) and only if I don't have an available (fast) charging station located on my route. You're right in that I don't...
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    What would you like to see on your new Rivian or from the Rivian company??

    I would pass on the option (initially) and rent a vehicle for the long trips, which for me would be at most twice per year, while saving wear and tear on the Rivian. Surely within a couple of years, provided Rivian and other electric car sales are good, the EA charging network will be much...
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    Attending Fully Charged Live in Austin?

    Possibly, but I have relatives in Austin and plan to go down to McAllen after the event. If I stay, you can't go wrong with drinks and a meal!.....I'll just need to see how everything works out.
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    Unofficial color thread for R1S (with renderings)

    Thanks for the images electruck. Same here.
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    Unofficial color thread for R1S (with renderings)

    Voted other......1st choice would be GM's Cajun Red. 2nd choice Metallic Root Beer. Last choice would be the standard Silver color, as displayed on the R1T.
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    R1T $69,000 starting price - opinions

    I'm with you......I would definitely be out. What has been displayed from the start should be standard features, unless it was stated otherwise, at the beginning of taking reservations. Maybe it was, I don't recall. Anyway, no 100k for me.
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    The Rivian Demographic??

    I stand by my previous statements. I am not denying Florida's two most recent governors are dismissing climate science. I haven't researched that, nor is it my intention to do so. My beef is with the article and not with you, except for making reference to a specific political party. And, it...
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    The Rivian Demographic??

    Agreed. However, you would want to excuse me as a juror. Didn't pass the smell test for me. I would require more evidence to convict.....I find it extremely hard to believe not one written memo. I do believe one article stated rising sea level is not prohibited any longer......All from me...
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    The Rivian Demographic??

    I have no doubts this could have happened. However, these are reports and hearsay only. The employee heard it from her Supervisor, who heard it from.......etc. Nothing verifiable that I could find, other than who do you believe.. There are no written memos, no written policies....only...