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    Amazon Delivery Van by Rivian - more details, photos, video

    The earth receives on average (university of oregon) at 40 degrees latitude 600 watts per hour per sq meter x 8 hours = 4.8kwh per sq meter (100 percent efficiency). To get 135kw in 8hrs would require 28 sq meters (253 sq ft)of 100% efficient panels to be be pointed perfectly at the sun for 8 hours.
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    Amazon Delivery Van by Rivian - more details, photos, video

    I love the estimate of a perfect 8 hrs a day of full sun that’s always aligned...always. Lol. Some don’t understand the limits of solar.
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    When Did You Pre-Order Your Rivian?

    Deposit Feb 28 2019. Hoping to get one before the year anniversary.
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    Interview video from San Fran with Brian Gase, R.J.

    Waiting for some serious car journalisms on the Rivian. Theses awkward YouTube interviewers RJ swats away like flies. Goofy personality, dress like your most valuable asset is an Xbox, poor understanding of automotive mechanics. RJ “ I got this”
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    Rivian makes cursory attempt to update pre-order holders

    I really like RJ’s style too. The demographic for the r1t and r1s are not simpatico with current marketing and should be fine tuned a bit.
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    Rivian makes cursory attempt to update pre-order holders

    Feels like they hired the marketing person from Mini Cooper. Same corporate shlock. I had a mini and it’s almost verbatim on practicing your wave have a buddy shotgun etc. That was a mini this is a 90k Rivian. I prefer they say nothing than do college marketing classes in public. Please...
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    Rivian trademarks TANK TURN! Now with official video.

    It was a joke. Lol. It probably comes on a package though.
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    R1T appearances (auto shows etc)

    Walk around outside a velvet rope...tell me how awesome it is...ask questions they won’t/can’t pass. I’ll wait until they get serious.
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    First official look at White Rivian R1S

    That’s the one I’m getting.
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    Partnerships, Autonomous Driving, & Lidar

    I agree that Elon’s ego may be clouding his acceptance of the new economical lidar. If the DOT requires lidar censor suite for Level 3+ then Elon May have to rethink. Time will tell. On another note Elon is sitting on a gold mine of data that he could sell to laggard companies that want to...
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    Partnerships, Autonomous Driving, & Lidar

    Tesla is 5 years ahead at least. They have a billion x miles in the cloud for analysis and are anti lidar (they have deduced it’s not needed). Rivian I believe is going to do both. The future is not based on which tech but which tech is certified by the DOT. Rivian has both bases covered.
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    Why so quiet from Rivian?

    They are pushing delivery’s back into 2021. :CWL:
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    Partnerships, Autonomous Driving, & Lidar

    Mobileye EyeQ4 is my guess.
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    R1S vs. Similar ICE class vehicles (Ex. Yukon)

    Ca is killing rebates for ev over 60k. Dec 3rd.
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    What would you like to see on your new Rivian or from the Rivian company??

    Best thing Rivian could do is follow the Land Cruiser formula: Reliability + Resilience + Reputation = Resale. Boringly awesome.
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    R1T offroad footage and info from from South America!

    Yeah the frame is the battery with internal cooling systems that should not be flexing. Great for handling on road but super stiff chassis off road not optimal.
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    Ford Mach E Specs & Pics Leaked

    Lol for snow and pothole roads, ground clearance they are essentially the same. Nobody is talking about cargo here my friend. Plus mustang e is awd available.