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    Confirmed: Production start delayed until June 2021

    I received this statement direct from Rivian. R1T deliveries will begin June 2021. R1S deliveries will begin August 2021.
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    Thats why potential buyers should just wait until the production model and build is out instead of constantly crying for answers.
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    Nothing worse than an employee of a business that does not know their product. Very common, thanks for the correction.
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    Anyone else not a fan of the seat design?

    You must be referencing Bayliners. You also must know the two best days of a boat owner.
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    Anyone else not a fan of the seat design?

    Very true. If I manage to get an early order in I will have no chance in hell of sitting in one unless Rivian allows test drives at their proving ground in AZ.
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    If that was the same kid that did the walk around video he is only 11 years old. Give him time.
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    (Bed) size matters

    I'll drop the never and say you can't match the capabilities of my examples if you want to do this sort of adventure in the immediate future.
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    Anyone else not a fan of the seat design?

    Marine grade material that is used in boats will be available in the Bronco. They look quit hardy.
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    (Bed) size matters

    The Rivian is a toy that we all want but the Ford F-250 with the Carli suspension is the package for get out and do it guy along with the four wheel camper. The first two videos really put it together. You will never do this with electric.
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    Forbes - Second Wave Of Coronavirus Could Delay Rivian’s RT1 Electric Pickup

    Before I ignore this thread I will say I don't need hearsay from another reporter without any facts or substance.
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    Anyone worried?

    Everything is just around the corner it just depends on how many corners you have and how long you want to wait. Maybe Rivian should say we really like this axle and lets just wait until it is ready, whats more months or years matter. AVL Develops Impressive E-Axle...
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    Rivian drops images of R1T in new color

    But is still close to the color we call 'baby s**t brown'. Do not like. I don't know about the "We" but I like the color.
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    The Composition of Rivian’s R1T Customer Base:

    Rivian says that every R1T can tow more than 11,000 pounds and the pickup offers a payload capacity of 1760 pounds. A 55.1 inch long bed would make a camper shell very questionable. From Car and Driver.
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    Anyone considering the Nikola Badger alternative?

    Did you make a deposit? Lets move this over to the Nikola frorum.
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    Possible Tax Credit Loss

    The charging station at every post office isn't going to happen in my life time. If the charger works like the P.O. it will be a level 1 and paid for by more funding as the P.O. is broke and in major debt.
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    Possible Tax Credit Loss

    If the qualifying vehicle is purchased for business use, the credit for the business use of an electric vehicle is reported on Form 3800, General Business Credit. The short of it is they get the credit.
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    Gasp... pure touch interfaces aren't what consumers want

    We have gone from can't wait to buy to why buy this piece of junk.:LOL::D
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    Rivian configurator coming "Late Summer"

    Sept 21 is the last day of summer regardless of where you are in the Northern Hemisphere so lets hold them to it.
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    Lack of Communication??

    I'm glad they are beating the hell out of the truck and I would like specs and dimensions but until production is finalized that my not be exact. Dont want to put the wrong info in my head. Building a vehicle is a very complicated and difficult task.