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    GMC Hummer EV teaser video - 1,000 HP and 11,500 ft lbs

    I agree - I am VERY distrustful of mainstream car makers jumping on the EV bandwagon. For the most part, they start with the position of "we will just slap an electric motor in an existing chasis and we will post better specs than anyone else". They dont approach it from the grounds up and...
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    Poll: Rivian Factory Delivery & Tour

    I talked to a Corvette owner a few years ago and Chevy used to (not sure if they still do) have a program like this. The new owner would be the first person to start and only person to drive the car after it rolled off the assembly line. He loved it.
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    Not time to panic - yet. There are numerous reasons positions and people are laid off - redundancy, fiscal efficiency, restructuring and cost savings are just a few. Unless we know specifics, which I doubt we ever will, there is probably no correlation between 8-10 layoffs and trouble at...
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    Lincoln's Aviator - the SUV the R1S needs to Beat?

    My wife was excited about a Lincoln EV simply because she wants a luxurious car with the latest technology. We have a 2016 Tesla Model X and its getting a little long in the tooth but she wants a vehicle that is on par from a luxury perspective (or better). We had a Town Car in the 90s and she...
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    Rivian Has Reopened And Is Fixing Up Its Factory

    Agreed. I am a little disappointed in the lack of communication. Even just a bi-weekly "we are still alive" press release or email would be welcome.
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    My one deciding factor on converting a deposit to a purchase

    Yes, service is not critical - until it is. For example, you are overlanding around Moab or in camping in Yellowstone and something breaks, preventing driving. What happens? I completely understand keeping things confidential before launch. However, with ~6 months to go until production...
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    My one deciding factor on converting a deposit to a purchase

    I have an early Model X and I have had issues but Tesla handled them very quickly and at no cost to me. Our Tesls is our only car and I am always provided with a Tesla loaner and any problem is resolved quickly (overnight in only 1 case). I have no complaints about Tesla service. In fact, I...
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    Ford cancels Lincoln electric vehicle program with Rivian

    Agreed - I was starting to get concerned. From a branding perspective, as the saying goes, "you only get one chance to make a first impression". Having less to deal with will let them focus more on that first impression. Once that first customer delivery is made (as long as its not crap), the...
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    Ford cancels Lincoln electric vehicle program with Rivian
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    An old whimsical wish for slow speed sound effects

    I think having a library of various sounds allowing the owner to configure how their car sounds is a terrific idea. You could also tie it to a driver profile so it sounds one way when I drive it but another when my wife drives it. Fairly easy to do, from a code perspective. I am 100%...
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    Production 2+ years out?

    I wouldn't be surprised for a fully loaded R1T to run right at $99K (without accessessories like camp kitchen, tent, bolt-on battery pack, solar charging array, whatever else you can think of). "Just" a loaded vehicle with 180K pack. Less than $100K is a very substantial price point...
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    Production 2+ years out?

    One thing Rivian has the Tesla never did is the partnership with a major automobile manufacturer (Ford) to help them with production. Tesla is an unquestioned leader in automotive tech but production has always been their weakness. Rivian has good tech (unknown exactly how good quite yet) but...
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    Let's talk about charging on long distance travel?

    The nice thing about EV chargers is that they are EASY to put in (relatively) - no pumps, no underground fuel lines, etc. Also, they DONT have to worry about traffic throughput. As the trend in gas stations to include restaruants increases, they WANT people to stop and stay a while -more...
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    What we might see in that configurator: Options, Launch Edition, etc...

    Home chargers are offered by numerous 3rd party vendors so it is not "critical" for Rivian to offer one. They should as part of a one-stop-shop solution (and I imagine the profit is pretty good on a charger), but its not a show-stopper. The EV market is completely different than when Tesla...
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    Good Forbes Article on Rivian - production number estimates and vehicle servicing mentioned

    Great info! I am not in the heavy manufacturing industry so I really dont know but I worry about the distance between "possible" and "realistic". I just want my truck! haha
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    Rivian Shuts Down All Facilities to Slow Spread of COVID-19 / Coronavirus

    One of the key stats will be conversion - how many pre-orders convert to purchase? When they get to people above you on the list, how many say "Um, I changed my mind". However long the list is, you will get bumped up - the question is "by how much".
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    Good Forbes Article on Rivian - production number estimates and vehicle servicing mentioned

    To me, the key stat will be conversion - at what rate are pre-orders converted to purchase. Does anyone know what the conversion rates were for the various Tesla models? That also needs to be tempered with the deposit amount, even if its fully refundable. I know my Model X required a $2,500...