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    Rivian videos as posted on Rivian Stories or their YouTube channel.

    Added the following to the OP: July 28, 2020 - Rivian Youtube (2:20) - All About Performance | Electric Adventure Vehicles | Rivian Aug 4, 2020 - Rivian Youtube (3:08) - Long Way Up | Electric Adventure Vehicles | Rivian
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    Anyone worried?

    I recall hearing the same thing.
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    Rivian R1T size comparisons

    Just a note of caution. This spec sheet has been floating around the internet at least as far back when Rivian did their reveal in Nov 2018. As you can see the overall lengths are the old lengths. E.g. R1T overall length = 5475 mm = 215.55 in. If you can't find the spec on Rivian's website...
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    EVSE stats from EnergyStar

    Tom Moloughney, a plug-in vehicle specialist, recently reviewed the first generation JuiceBox (made by eMotorWorks at the time) to the 2nd generation JuiceBox recently released and made by Enel X. He reviewed the 40 amp model. When asked in the comments about the 48 amps he replied that there...
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    Motor Junkie article spreads FUD: "20 Drawback Of Electric Vehicles Drivers Commonly Overlook"

    I probably should have made this clear, I was not implying EVs still don't have some challenges to overcome. Clearly there are differences between EVs and ICE vehicles, some of which EVs can and will improve upon and some that are just inherently different. Differences in any similar...
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    Motor Junkie article spreads FUD: "20 Drawback Of Electric Vehicles Drivers Commonly Overlook"

    An undated Motor Junkie article does it's best to spread FUD on EVs. "20 Drawback Of Electric Vehicles Drivers Commonly Overlook" The article mentions the Mustang Mach-E so I'm assuming the article can't be too old. Regardless, the lack of references and incorrect or exaggerated information...
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    Rivian officially confirms delivery pushed to 2021. But still road testing EVs remotely

    Rivian finally gets around to updating their website's FAQ regarding when deliveries will start by officially removing the Dec 2020 launch date but interestingly the updated text does not explicitly indicate 2021. Not that I'm implying it won't happen in 2021, I just find it interesting they...
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    Plugshare EVSE Sharing

    Kudos on adding it to PlugShare. I would do that in a heartbeat but unfortunately the location of my garage where the EVSE would be located is not conducive for the "public" to just drop in and use. As a reminder if you incurred any installation charges there's a federal tax credit for 30%...
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    Rivian's Normal plant expansion approved

    Re-posted in thread that was tracking this - "Rivian Plans Major Plant Expansion In Normal"
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    Rivian Plans Major Plant Expansion In Normal

    Quick update - "Normal Planning Commission approves amendments to Rivian’s site plans"
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    Million Mile Batteries: Fairly Soon, If Not Sooner

    Interesting article, thanks. I think what was noteworthy, at least for the US or even NA based auto manufactures, was the last few paragraphs with regards to "where" these ASSBs would be made. Once they achieve commercialization, U.S. firms have to overcome another hurdle: The relatively...
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    So No Deliveries in 2020?

    Yes! Been saying the same thing for a while now. I have even gone as far as mentioning the other amenities one finds at gas stations that would still be useful with EVs, such as a squeegee, windshield solvent and paper towels to remove that lovely bug juice. Yes, I know these are consumables...
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    So No Deliveries in 2020?

    It's great to see the increase in CCS FC stations across the US. But don't get too mesmerized by these numbers as there are still plenty of challenges that are being dealt with. There are pain points that exist today that were, and to a degree still, not being addressed. E.g. number of...
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    Anyone considering the Nikola Badger alternative?

    RJ said at the beginning of the year the $69k will now get you the mid-level (135 kWh BP) and include the electrochromatic roof. A few have postulated each larger battery pack level will cost about another $10K. Given that, the smallest BP level, 105kWh, would then start at about $59k...
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    Rivian trademarks TANK TURN! Now with official video.

    Looks like Toyota wants to put their own "spin" on unconventional steering options. "Toyota applies to patent indicators for cyberpunk driving maneuvers"
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    Lack of Communication??

    It means you either reached the same person I did and/or they're working from a script. A few days ago I messaged Rivian and asked about the timing/order of test drives and vehicle safety ratings with respect to when the online configurator would be available, basically in relative, general...
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    Gasp... pure touch interfaces aren't what consumers want

    "Tesla updates ridiculous warranty on problematic media unit and touchscreen" Tesla has updated its warranty for its already problematic media unit and touchscreen with a ridiculously shorter 2-year or 25,000-mile limit. As we previously reported, Tesla had a problem with the embedded...
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    The Composition of Rivian’s R1T Customer Base:

    And to read more about it, it's discussed in this forum in a different thread as indicated in post #4. ;)
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    Rivian Waiting Room: Have you pre-ordered with deposit?

    Rivian's website has changed a few times since I submitted my pre-order, but each time I've visited it since, including just now, I don't see how one can submit a pre-order without picking which vehicle. Perhaps you chose one and didn't realize it or maybe there is/was some path on the website...