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  1. Living With The Chevy Silverado EV For (Almost) A Week

    I was excited for the Silverado .. but man its getting awful reviews. Does a lot of things right, but is just crap to drive apparently.
  2. 3 Times in Shop since Purchased in December

    Guess it just depends on your local service center. No issues with mine. Always given me a vehicle to use. They even flatbed it 2.5 hours when I didn't really have time to drive it up there myself. So basically its like every other car manufacturer and it really depends on your local...
  3. March 2024 EV truck registrations - R1T vs Cybertruck vs Lightning

    Shocking who was first to reply to my post .... SHOCKING ... i tell you.
  4. March 2024 EV truck registrations - R1T vs Cybertruck vs Lightning

    CT is still in it's "hype" phase. People are already starting to realize it's a turd though. R1T is 2+ years into deliveries with a pending "refresh" coming out. Of course sales will be lower. Trying to draw out multi year conclusions on a single months worth of registrations is dumb. CT...
  5. YouTube App and Google Cast video streaming coming to Rivian infotainment system

    This is cool. Hopefully next is a native YouTube music app or the ability for a casted YouTube music app. (Not just starting it on your phone but full app functionality on the screen like changing playlist and such)
  6. Motortrend: R1T comes out on top versus Hummer EV and Cybertruck

    Tesla Stans: "Motortrend is basically a joke anymore. They are extremely biased and no one takes them serious. That's why I only get my reviews from unbiased sources... Like Tesla-fanboys.com"
  7. RJ interview on CNBC - May 8, 2024

    Yup. "Well your android doesn't have (insert apple marketing name for a common piece of tech), so it's not as good because Apple said so" Very very good marketing company
  8. RJ interview on CNBC - May 8, 2024

    See that's where you are lost. That is not Tech. That is marketing. You've obviously bought it hook line and sinker. That's ok. Lots of people do. Back to my original statement, Apple is a marketing company that sell tech (older tech). You can go down the list of every Iphone / Macbook...
  9. RJ interview on CNBC - May 8, 2024

    No point. The fact that you asked means you are one that ate up the marketing. Anyone with any ounce of tech sense knows that iPhones generally incorporate tech that is a few years old and then market it as new. They are not a technology leader and no one in the tech space thinks that. Are...
  10. RJ interview on CNBC - May 8, 2024

    Both in no way shape or form a technology leader in their space. Many many many better options than both out there.
  11. Best view yet of Underbody Shield (R1 rollover)

    This would have never happened if you got a cybertruck.... Because it would have still been in your garage because you were too embarrassed to drive it anywhere
  12. RJ interview on CNBC - May 8, 2024

    Depends on the product. Really the only product that apple has that is Market leader is the ipad and that's just because they were so far ahead of the game that the 3rd party software for other ones never really took off. Apple really isn't a tech leader anywhere else. They are just good at...
  13. A dumpster and pools

    All funded by tax dollars when the truck is completely written off as a "business expense" because he stuck his company logo on it
  14. RJ interview on CNBC - May 8, 2024

    I really don't want any of Apple's "tech" in Rivian. Its normally behind the times and not as good as competitors. What Apple can help with is Marketing. They are a marketing company that happens to make tech products. Partner with them to build a brand. You see it throughout even this...
  15. Picking up R1T but I can’t get basic questions answered before taking delivery!!

    Just as an FYI, if your spare tire ISN'T already installed, they can 100% do that in a mobile service at your house where they come out and install it along with the retaining mount (that goes in the storage area in the bed). So you shouldn't have to drive back to the service center to get it.
  16. Tesla losing steam in Ca

    It 100% matters. It's idiotic to argue otherwise unless you are burying your head in the sand. Elon 100% affects Tesla sales.
  17. NACS Adapters now shipping…s00nish!

    Yup, even though its common enough to be like owning a Toyota Camry .. except i think the Camry has a nicer interior.