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  1. @33,000 mi. Cruz control says , not unless I get serviced.

    There seems to be an issue where cruise control stops working and displays that message if you, A) unbuckle your seatbelt while using it or B) lift up off your seat while using it. It won’t work again until you start a new drive cycle, meaning turn the car off, get out and start again, or a hard...
  2. Trenton vs Brooklyn Service Centers, holy crap what a difference

    My experience at the Brooklyn SC has been similar. Many of my reported issues have been turned around and blamed on me. For example after my cruise control refused to work, displaying a message that said “adaptive cruise control unavailable until serviced” I was told I wasn’t pushing the stalk...
  3. So frustrated with service I'm ready to sell my Rivian

    Yes, of course it makes sense for safety. But after I re-buckle my seatbelt should the cruise control not work again until the car fully resets? That makes no sense at all. Either a bug or a total oversight. They should fix it, and hopefully they will.
  4. So frustrated with service I'm ready to sell my Rivian

    UPDATE: Apparently the cruise control issue is related to unfastening the seatbelt during the drive (to get something out of my pocket) which disengages the system and makes it unusable until the trip is reset by shutting the car off, unlocking the doors, and starting up again. I will confirm...
  5. So frustrated with service I'm ready to sell my Rivian

    I love my R1T. It's the best truck I've ever owned...except when it isn't. I've been plagued by small glitches, gear tunnel door problems, software gremlins, and other issues that should be easy to fix. But after two months of going back and forth to service, I am about ready to get rid of...
  6. Rivian Service dented my car! 😳

    Same here. Went in to have the gear tunnel Latch fixed and got the truck back three weeks later with a big dent in the GT door and the latch still broken. To their credit they are fixing the dent but it’s my third time back to SC for same latch problem and now dent repair. They are...
  7. Recommendation needed for a company to convert my gas car to electric (Bay Area).

    I own this wonderful art car built around a 1977 Cadillac Saville. After many years of fun, the engine/drivetrain is shot. Rather than install a new crate engine/transmission I'd like to convert it to electric. Need a recommendation for a good/reliable company to do this work in the San...
  8. Can we stop asking for CarPlay now? "The next generation of Apple CarPlay will take over all of the screens, sensors and gauges in a car..."

    For one thing Apple takes all of a driver's personal data, like precise car location and driving behavior as part of the contract installing car play. Personally, as much as I might like some of Apple's features, I don't need them invading my privacy (without consent) and forcing me into their...
  9. Suspension raising every time I get in my R1T. Anyone else?

    Not in Kneel mode. Did a reset. Everything else works fine. I assume it’s an air leak, will know more after service visit.
  10. Suspension raising every time I get in my R1T. Anyone else?

    Lately every time I get in my R1T and put the truck in "D" I get a message saying I shouldn't drive while suspension is raising the truck, which it then does. Since I haven't touched the suspension height settings I wonder why it's doing this every day. Could be a slow air leak or I suppose a...
  11. Pre-conditioning: Why no manual start for chargers that aren't on the map?

    Most of the chargers I use, either in NYC or on I-95 in CT, don't show up. For example, none of these do... Revel Superhubs — Fast EV Charging (gorevel.com) It's actually surprising how few of them actually do show up. Though maybe not if Rivian is only getting their info from a few companies.
  12. Pre-conditioning: Why no manual start for chargers that aren't on the map?

    When I program a charging stop into the map the R1T begins "preparing the battery for charging" about fifteen minutes before my stop. But most of the DC fast chargers I use aren't on the map. Every time I go to charge it takes about 10-15 minutes before the charging speed gets up to where it...
  13. Range Loss in Extreme cold temperatures … Great Job, Rivian!

    I wish I could say the same. My R1T loses 3-7 miles of range every day it sits outside in 35 degree weather. When on the road in temperatures between 30-35 degrees I can see the range draining before my eyes. 250 miles of range when I left my house last week fell to under 100 miles after...
  14. Screens blank - WTF?

    What's the best way to check 12v?
  15. Screens blank - WTF?

    I didn't. Everything came back to life before I needed more advanced troubleshooting.
  16. Screens blank - WTF?

    Got in my 2022 R1T this morning and all the screens were (mostly) blank. The app unlocked the truck no problem, and I was able to shift into gear, but screens remained blank for about two full minutes then suddenly populated. I didn't do any updates or chage anything since I drove it two days...
  17. Software Update 2023.42.0 is out (⚠️ UPDATE: OTA fix rolling out today 11/15/23)

    Not sure why you have nothing on your main screen except the logo. But It's under settings (gear icon) if you can get to main menu on bottom of screen.
  18. 2022 R1T - Water inside rear light bar

    I just noticed a lot of water inside the rear light bar of my R1T. I'm sure it isn't supposed to be this way. Anyone else have this issue or know what's causing it?