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  1. corndog

    Free charging is good.

    Opinion. So I just wanted to say just that, free charging is good, and thank you very much to Rivian for providing this. We all gotta agree, 20 bucks is 20 bucks. Of course this will end at some point, but untill then, I'm taking advatage of this perk. I've had nothing but good luck with my R1T...
  2. R1Thor

    Rivian Tailgate Pads are BACK IN STOCK in Gear Shop!!

    Get em while they're hot! I've been refreshing the Gear Shop daily since the first drop sold out in ~3 hours (that I missed). Finally snagged one today, and as of this writing, it still says "Add to Bag" so For anyone else who's been desperately trying to get ahold of these, grab one before...
  3. R1Thor

    Rally Armor MudFlaps Installed Photos & Review

    Someone had asked about options for Mud Guards, here https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/mud-guards-options.18331/ Which reminded me that I had splash guards on my last 2 vehicles. A 2014 STI with Rally Armor mudflaps and OEM Volvo Splash Guards on my 2018 Volvo V60. I really liked the...