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    Edmunds EV Charging Test: How do Rivian's R1 models compare with other EVs?

    Edmunds EV Charging Test: How Do the R1 models compare with other EVs? Short answer: Not great. Luckily we (R1 owners) have huge batteries that help mitigate some aspects of the poor rankings. https://www.edmunds.com/car-news/electric-car-charging.html#info-graphic
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    Midnight train to Georgia derailed? Article: "Georgia demands Rivian secure, maintain factory site"

    https://www.ajc.com/news/business/rivian-agrees-to-maintain-secure-georgia-factory-site-amid-state-demands/ZQTCOQ6WMVB3PJLQVAVDF5JBSM/ Did Georgia politicians make a mistake? I don’t think so, but what do you think?
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    RAN charging report: 800+ mile pilgrimage to R2 (and R3) reveal using RAN chargers exclusively

    Had a great trip from the SF Bay Area to the Laguna Beach R2 event using just RAN. Weather was decent with temps from 50s to 70s. Had a little rain going south and clear skies coming home. No significant winds. The RAN chargers did a great job!!! 870.4 miles averaging 2.43 mi/kWh -- Going...
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    Should I be worried about RJ? 👀

    My wife (not necessarily a Rivian enthusiast like me) suddenly become very interested in Rivian after noticing RJ wasn't wearing his wedding ring during last week's R2 reveal. I know I'm not as tall, young, handsome, intelligent, and wealthy as RJ, but I have nothing to be concerned about, right?
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    Rivian patents bed rack system w/ easy removal and storage

    Rivian patents bed rack system https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1142019_rivian-patents-bed-rack-system
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    How do you charge your Rivian at HOME?

    How do you charge your Rivian at HOME? I'm curious how many of us purchased and use the Rivian Wall Charger vs a 3rd party charger/EVSE.
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    R1T More Reliable than a Chevy Bolt?

    In the past 18 months, my family has purchased two new vehicles –a Rivian R1T and a Chevy Bolt. Here’s a list of issues I’ve had with both of them. I’ll let you decide which is more reliable. Chevy Bolt Issues: * 🦗🦗🦗 Rivian R1T: * Wheel alignment issue (2 days in shop) * Front Drive Unit...
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    Camera upgrades from Rivian?

    Given the poor quality of the R1 cameras (made particularly conspicuous by the recent dashcam feature), would you like Rivian to offer a hardware upgrade of the cameras?
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    Mariner full/cab Height Bed Rack -- feedback / reviews?

    Has anyone on the forum reviewed (or seen a review of) the site sponsor Range Industries "Mariner" full height bed rack: https://range-industries.com/products/rivian-r1t-mariner-bed-rack The highlight for me is "This rack is level with the factory Rivian roof rack and features 54" crossbars in...
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    Scottish brand Munro reveals world's most hardcore electric 4x4

    Scottish brand Munro reveals world's most hardcore electric 4x4: https://www.carexpert.com.au/car-news/scottish-brand-munro-reveals-worlds-most-hardcore-electric-4x4 Scottish startup Munro Vehicles has unveiled its first model, the MK_1, which it calls “the world’s most capable all-electric 4×4”.
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    Failed R1T auction: High bid price of $85K doesn't meet reserve

    https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2022-rivian-r1t-43/ The beginning of the end of flipping and crazy high auction prices for the R1T?
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    Starbucks Ads on my R1T? Wait? What?

    I was watching a YouTube video of someone driving their R1T and noticed an advertisement for Starbucks show up on their driver display/screen. I had no idea this was a thing? Did others? I was watching a YouTube video of someone driving their R1T and noticed an advertisement for Starbucks show...
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    Clarity on when to expect your Rivian

    In today's Introducing the R1 Shop email, Tony ends by saying: "We hope all of this adds some clarity on when to expect your Rivian. We’re so excited for you to get behind the wheel, and we know that you are, too." --Tony Caravano What do you think? Did the email bring clarity on when to...
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    What are your reliability expectations for your R1 in the first year of ownership?

    As Rivian continues to get R1 vehicles into the hands of more and more forum members, we're seeing reports of minor, major, and somewhere-in-the-middle reliability issues. And the reactions by other forum members to those issues varies more than I thought it would. This poll is to get a sense...
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    Long term EV battery shortages?

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    R1T on Bonneville Salt Flats: Testing 0-60 and Top Speed

    Another video posted by a yahoo: Probably not worth posting. Lots of incorrect info, bad camera work, etc. :rolleyes: Videos like this really make me appreciate the work of place like Out Of Spec.
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    Oct-Dec 2022 Deliveries - Delayed?

    A thread for those of us with an Oct-Dec 2022 delivery window to kvetch about the newly announced 25k 2022 production forecast and how it will delay our delivery.
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    Can the Rivian R1 production ramp beat the Tesla Model 3 ramp?

    Can the Rivian R1 production ramp beat the Tesla Model 3 ramp?