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  1. EarlyAdptr

    What Does Tire Warranty Actually Mean?

    So, I've read (what feels like) hundreds of posts on tires for our heavy beasts. I'm going to be switching from the EOM Pirelli 20" tires (275 65-R20) eventually, and I've been wondering what to go to. Among all the posts, there mentions here and there of a particular tires warranty. 70,000...
  2. EarlyAdptr

    How to Charge at RAN

    I'm planning to head out with my wife and 2 dogs tomorrow and I'm banking on a good experience at the Aberdeen WA Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) charger. Can someone describe for me the step-by-step process of how charging at a RAN charger works? I have a SC Loaner R1S, and I want to make sure...
  3. EarlyAdptr

    Tesla Created Secret Team to Suppress Thousands of Driving Range Complaints - Reuters Special Report

    Wow, this will likely bring some scrutiny.... https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/tesla-batteries-range/#:~:text=Another recent study found that,by an average of 3%.
  4. EarlyAdptr

    El Cap Granite R1S Full Stealth Wrap PPF

    Shout out to @SeattleClearBra and Jorgan and his team for the AMAZING job they did on my 2023 El Cap Granit R1S. It really is an artistic work of art. Jorgan was always attentive to my questions and desires. All of the corners were wrapped really well including removal and replacement of...
  5. EarlyAdptr

    Passenger Headrest issues -- fit / firmness?

    So, my wife is a bit on the shorter side of things as far as stature goes. She's ridden in the R1S a few times and has complaned about fit / firmness of the headrest. Basically, her head comes up to meet right between the seat and the headreast (that gap between the two) and as a result the...
  6. EarlyAdptr

    R1S Towing - Experience or Advice?

    The R1S User Manual states: "The R1S can tow up to 7,7000 lbs using a weight distributing hitch, and up to 5,000 lbs using a standard hitch." I've been hauling my 6,500 lb (boat + trailer) around using a Toyota Sequoia with a standard hitch. Other than this I have very little tow-driving...
  7. EarlyAdptr

    Can one connect the Rivian Wall Charger before R1 arrives?

    I have my Rivian Wall Charger installed before my Rivian R1S has arrived. Can I connect the charger to my wifi before the R1S arrives, or do I have to wait? If I can connect, can someone explain how or point me to a resource?
  8. EarlyAdptr

    What would you do (drive or transport)?

    I'm set to pickup my new R1S in Normal in the next week or so (I've been waiting 4+ years). With winter weather and NEVER owning / driving an EV, I'm apprehensive about driving it from Normal back home here in Washington state. The alternative would be to have it transported. So, knowing my...
  9. EarlyAdptr

    Rivian Amazon Delivery Van spotted in Washington....

    Spotted this today doing deliveries. I wasn't the only one taking a photo :)
  10. EarlyAdptr

    Rivian Gradually Increases R1S Production - CNBC

    Not much new, and the title doesn't really seem appropriate. Although the sleuths on these forums might see something I missed.... Rivian Gradually Increases R1S Production
  11. EarlyAdptr

    Upgrading capacity to home?

    I met with an electrician at our house today. He said we're maxed out on the current panel. I trust him, but would like to verify that. For the record, we do have a lot of heavy load appliances in our house (most not used) - 3 dryers, 1 in-wall heater, a hot tub, a sauna. We took out the hot...
  12. EarlyAdptr

    Ocean Coast Pics?

    Has anyone seen an Ocean Coast interior? Any photos?
  13. EarlyAdptr

    Potential Rivian Marketing Opportunity

    Did anyone else watch Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin space launch this weekend? If you were paying attention there was a brief callout to the vehicles driving Richard and the crew from the landing sight to the media center. It was noted that Virgin has a marketing agreement with Land Rover...
  14. EarlyAdptr

    Service Center Purpose?

    So, with the discussion going on about how Guide contact & delivery may be impacted by the presence of an operating service center, it made me wonder, what purpose Rivian has designed for their service centers. Now, this may appear to be obvious, "to service vehicles, duh". But, if I recall...
  15. EarlyAdptr

    Regen Braking for Beginners.... I have questions

    What a fabulous wealth of information collectively assembled on this forum. I'm new to EV vehicles. I've read a lot here, learned a lot. One thing I don't totally understand is regen braking. Sure I get the high-level - regen device slows the vehicle while also charging the batteries (do...