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  1. Donald Stanfield

    Elon’s $55Billion Tesla pay package voided [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS / INSULTS].

    A public company is subject to legal oversight far beyond what a private company is. If a complaint is made, things like executive compensation are subject to board review and judicial review. If I own stock in a privately held company, I can distribute the income however I see fit, and a...
  2. Donald Stanfield

    Got the second best vehicle I've ever driven as a loaner :)

    I agree I've had some positive experiences with service as well.
  3. Donald Stanfield

    Feature Request: Climatize on exit

    Rivian already has pet mode on the climate screen. Pull up the climate control before you get out and press the dog paw.
  4. Donald Stanfield

    No Cybertruck for me :(

    My wife doesn't care if I spend 140 on the new Range Rover EV but she told me pretty much the same thing your wife did about the cybertruck. I don't want one because I find it ugly, but I would never hear the end of it from my wife if I did.
  5. Donald Stanfield

    Rivian Front Headlights Design

    Or all the complete strangers that have come up to me in public and told me so. I'm sure they were all just lying to spare my feelings even though they went out of their way right? You people are something else. The two people who don't even have a Rivian trolling the Rivian forum don't hold...
  6. Donald Stanfield

    Rivian Front Headlights Design

    And just about everyone i've talked to has said the opposite.
  7. Donald Stanfield

    No Cybertruck for me :(

    If you get it early enough, you should buy it and flip it. Although I heard that was prohibited or something.
  8. Donald Stanfield

    Rivian Front Headlights Design

    I think that's way worse than current design.
  9. Donald Stanfield

    Yahoo/Motley Fool Clickbait Article - Don't give them a click

    So Toyota wants rampant global warming. Good to know.
  10. Donald Stanfield

    Rivian R2 pricing & production should qualify for $7500 tax credit

    It took me a month to get an oil change in my old Audi. Service isn't all sunshine and rainbows with dealers either.
  11. Donald Stanfield

    Quad Motor on Conservative Drive Setting and Battery Changes

    I have the large pack quad, and I originally had the 21's. I got closer to 350 miles out of a charge on the freeway going 75 or under in conserve. I don't think there will be any problem with the range for your use case. I understand why you're hesitant because Tesla overstates their range by...
  12. Donald Stanfield

    Porsche Macan EV Official Specs & Photos Revealed

    It isn't that the car is too expensive, it's that it isn't a great value. I don't care if it costs 5 dollars if there is 3 dollars worth of value. The Taycan isn't too expensive for me, but I wouldn't buy one as it's very limited utility for what you need to pay for it. I have a hard time...
  13. Donald Stanfield

    Rivian Front Headlights Design

    You are seeing what you want to see. I've talked to many different people who quite like the front end. Just because you don't isn't representative of a universal opinion. I have gotten more than one person giving me a thumbs up or an unsolicited conversation about my truck. There has never...
  14. Donald Stanfield

    Rivian Front Headlights Design

    I guess you'll just ignore all the people who commented and said they genuinely like the headlights in your rant huh? Confirmation bias is a hell of a drug. Reread this thread until you figure it out.
  15. Donald Stanfield

    Eunuchs choir (Rivian horn)

    The horn does suck now and I agree that they shouldn't have gotten rid of the second horn. Mine is okay, with the factory two horn setup but not great so I can't imagine how bad it sounds with one.
  16. Donald Stanfield

    Rivian Front Headlights Design

    That looks amazing.
  17. Donald Stanfield

    Rivian Front Headlights Design

    Why are you here if you have an issue with the car's design? I happen to like the current design and I did buy one. Someone who thinks Tesla is stylish shouldn't really have an opinion on the matter.
  18. Donald Stanfield

    Porsche Macan EV Official Specs & Photos Revealed

    It should be interesting, but it will be too small for me. The price of the Macan turbo isn't the off putting thing for me, it's the size.