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  1. MrTopher

    Tesla Superchargers in Mammoth

    Has anyone used their 3rd party NACS adapter (A2Z, Rivian, Etc.) at the Tesla Superchargers on Old Mammoth Rd? Just curious heading up next month and haven't seen any post since Tesla opened up the network. Cheers
  2. MrTopher

    What Bed Rack is this?

    Just saw this for the first time tonight, anyone have details or this a rendering?
  3. MrTopher

    California Sold: Sale Pending 22" Sport Dark Spare w/ Kit

    Selling my 5th wheel and including the repair kit. Please see images below. There is a tiny blemishes on one of the spokes photo'd below. Tire is mint! $750 Willing to meet-up about 50 miles from 93010.
  4. MrTopher

    California Sold: SALE PENDING: FS 22" OEM Dark without Tires

    Have 4 (wheels w/ TPMS) and will have the 5th with tire in a little more than a week. 5th has less than 100 miles on it. Three are mint, one has a very small curb scrap that's hard to notice, have read that black nail polish can cover it up. $2000 for the 4 wheels, if you're interested in all...
  5. MrTopher

    Release of Liability on Trade-In to Rivian

    I traded in my previous vehicle into Rivian on January 7th, 2023. Did all the needed paperwork at the time of pick-up, and a few weeks later did the Release of Liability on the DMV (CA) website. Come July I get a request for renewal, I submit another Release of Liability and contact customer...