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  1. AllInev

    RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plates Rivian R1T R1S Development

    @RIVAL 4x4 Yeh, I think a sturdy stamped aluminum sheet to replace that silver plastic piece would go a long way. Ideally, it would closely match the shape and form of the OEM plastic piece as to not introduce aero and noise issues. Personally, I like the subdued form and shape of the OEM...
  2. AllInev

    WDH for towing travel trailer

    Well, I consider this baby meaningful even if it's less than 5000lbs and towed without a WDH. 😉
  3. AllInev

    How bad can this be?

    Sorry to this happened to you, but thank you for sharing your experience. I was about to schedule a new set of tire with Discount Tire, but I need to rethink that now. I'd suggest folks get a wax pencil and clearly label the jack points. I did this after installing my @DCE sliders to make...
  4. AllInev

    RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    Photos here: https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/current-status-of-new-ran-charging-station-near-yosemite-national-park.27786/
  5. AllInev

    Rivian knows when you use an aftermarket NACS adapter?

    🤣 Ha! Nope. Rivian is not actively tracking which adapters are being used at the Tesla SC stations. I've loaned my official adapter to folks still waiting for theirs and they're not getting emails from Rivian. I also have an A2Z adapter that I've used and loaned to other R1 families. In...
  6. AllInev

    RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plates Rivian R1T R1S Development

    Thanks @RIVAL 4x4 ! I'm looking forward to giving it a try!!! I just put myself on your waiting list here: https://www.rival4x4usa.com/products/rival-aluminum-skid-plate-rivian-r1t?variant=43748761993385
  7. AllInev

    RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plates Rivian R1T R1S Development

    @RIVAL 4x4 I'm very, very interested in this. Ideally, it will be something: * I can install myself (and uninstall) * requires no permanent modifications * doesn't increase wind noise at highway speeds * has minimal impact on range
  8. AllInev

    Best view yet of Underbody Shield (R1 rollover)

    That's the hitch cover. It's exaggerated in the photo.
  9. AllInev

    Edmunds EV Charging Test: How do Rivian's R1 models compare with other EVs?

    Edmunds EV Charging Test: How Do the R1 models compare with other EVs? Short answer: Not great. Luckily we (R1 owners) have huge batteries that help mitigate some aspects of the poor rankings. https://www.edmunds.com/car-news/electric-car-charging.html#info-graphic
  10. AllInev

    Predictions for the Q1 Earnings Call today?

    Nice recovery today (May 8, 2024) for RIVN. Ended slightly up 👍 for the day with big volume numbers.
  11. AllInev

    Apple & Rivian Reportedly in Partnership Talks

    Every few years? The 30 pin connector was around for 10 years. The Lighting connector was introduced in 2012, so more than 10 years. Not sure that counts as "every few years?"
  12. AllInev

    So frustrated with service I'm ready to sell my Rivian

    Don’t overthink it. Sell and move on with your life. 😁
  13. AllInev

    7 Automakers Join to Create "Ionna" a Massive New U.S. EV Charging Network

    Look like IONNA is expanding massively! I see at least 7 open jobs posted 🤣: https://app.trinethire.com/companies/324552-ionna-llc/jobs
  14. AllInev

    Entire Tesla Supercharger team fired (Update: Elon Musk says supercharger network growth will continue). ** ⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS **

    You're hilarious. "part of a much bigger plan, "genius", "well thought out.". Sounds like what my college roommate used to say before she joined a cult and squandered away her youth in service of a nut job." 🙄