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  1. HaveBlue

    Any updates on receiving the Tesla charging adapter?

    Unlikely as they don't have enough to give new buyers one at time of sale. That would be a priority for a company trying to make sales where charging is going to be the first question from a Buyer. Ford people are out to September at least. GM won't have any until October for that part number I...
  2. HaveBlue

    Any updates on receiving the Tesla charging adapter?

    They are sending about 1000 adapters per month. Look at your VIN and you will be able to estimate when you will get it by dividing the VIN by 1000. That's how many months it will be.
  3. HaveBlue

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    They have that option to disable unlock while at home. It doesn't disable the BT connection to the unlock modules which can still wake the car. It just won't unlock as a result. You are right, turn the function off entirely helps. If you do that you can unlock over the cell connection using the...
  4. HaveBlue

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    That's because you drove on a long trip and the 12V was fully charged. Disabling BT doesn't disable the unlock BT I think, only the media and phone module. What wakes the car are the four proximity BT modules. Turning off proximity lock entirely, helps a bit. All purpose drive mode or Conserve...
  5. HaveBlue

    Trailer left connected maintains Rivian's 12V battery?

    Considering a trailer has between 100ah and 400ah, the little 18ah Rivian battery is no match and is a lead acid standard motorcycle/generator battery. There are many replacements for it. Nothing special.
  6. HaveBlue

    V2L (Vehicle-to-Load) - has anyone tried it?

    We just need Rivian to integrate the V2V V2L into software and then buy the adapters from a2z https://a2zevshop.com/collections/charging-stations/products/a2z-ev-ezlink-charger-40amps
  7. HaveBlue

    Let's talk about the (over?) conservatism of Rivian Nav

    You need someone to follow you on your trip? I usually don't make it east of Moab. :) Did you adjust the arrival percentage in the rivian nav settings down low? That helps make bigger stretches.
  8. HaveBlue

    Driver Window Out of Track

    Ouchy. Upgrade to Windows 11
  9. HaveBlue

    Three-Way 275/60R20 Efficiency Comparison: Ram/AS, Ram/AT, OEM/AS

    What's interesting about the results is that external variables quickly make a difference but wheels and tires are pretty close to each other. Meaning if we stay reasonable for wheels and tires, there shouldn't be major differences.
  10. HaveBlue

    Leaving R1T sit for 3 months

    For three months, I'd disconnect the ground lead on the 12V battery but I guess it depends if you have a garage. Mine loses 1% per day. I think shipping mode only turns off things in total that you can turn off in other settings and it will still drain. I haven't tried shipping mode lately though.
  11. HaveBlue

    New Member - Switching over to an 2024 R1S from a 2022 Raptor.

    I agree that the front is the least appealing angle but I still prefer it over the Tesla front ends. Here's a shot of a Raptor next to my R1S (at normal suspension height setting).
  12. HaveBlue

    Lordstown Endurance on Cars & Bids

    LAS Capital? Lordstown Automotive Securities?
  13. HaveBlue

    Lordstown Endurance on Cars & Bids

    I bet they'd sell a million more if they just called it "Oldsmobile"
  14. HaveBlue

    A/C decides which vents to open or close and fan speed on its own

    Auto mode will do that. Turn off auto and you can set how you want. It may revert the next time you get in though, I don't recall.
  15. HaveBlue

    Adding live traffic info to navigation?

    One more snarky comment and we are setting up road blocks. Seriously though, the Rivian Nav indicates traffic a bit different than other systems. For instance Google Maps displays Green everywhere it has info and moving along. The Rivian only displays a red line in areas with problems and...
  16. HaveBlue

    2025 Standard Pack LFP Battery EPA Test data released. Heat pump confirmed

    They'll just have to go with a different size. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Michelin&tireModel=Defender+LTX+M%2FS&partnum=75HR1DLTXXL&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes
  17. HaveBlue

    Conflict at the Supercharger

    Actually you blocked two stations unnecessarily. You could have parked in the stall in between the lines more right and centered with the stall and simply used the one in front. That is a new "centered" design and the cable reaches, FYI.
  18. HaveBlue

    Conflict at the Supercharger

    With the recent cable thefts at Tesla stations, I wonder why they don't take the opportunity to put longer lines on those stations? Seems like they are exposed to the elements anyway so no harm in the cable resting partially on the ground. I see plenty of Tesla's charging at CCS stations...
  19. HaveBlue

    Flat tire. No spare.

    I've always used plugs but this came recommended from someone.
  20. HaveBlue

    R1T Tree Stump Pull!

    Attempt 4: come here son, now let's get that loose tooth pulled. The tire is smart since chains impart a heavy shock load. You were pretty ginger with the ball so not much danger of breaking it. The receiver is class 4 so as tough as a 2" comes. The stinger and ball probably only class 3.