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  1. Entire Tesla Supercharger team fired (Update: Elon Musk says supercharger network growth will continue). ** ⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS **

    Go to a Catholic Church forum, bring up Scientology and defend everything that Miscavage does and decide that the Catholic Church is a cult because they don't agree with you.
  2. Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    Tesla isn't getting any government money except as part of the NEVI grants awarded to states and then by the states to parties who are building, operating, and maintaining the actual chargers the state chooses. As long as the NEVI-funded Tesla chargers have a Magic Dock, they should meet the...
  3. Tesla is backtracking and hiring some people back for the supercharger team(s)

    Genuine question because I'm labor law adjacent and just familiar enough with these things to be dangerous but nowhere near an expert on practical sides of things: What labor law might he have violated that is avoided by laying off an entire division and then rehiring only "the best" that were...
  4. Conflict at the Supercharger

    You keep using the word "whataboutism". I'm not sure you know what that means. Your handicap space comparison is grossly wrong. The correct comparison would be someone who is handicapped and, because of a poor parking lot design, has to park in a way that renders the handicapped space next to...
  5. Conflict at the Supercharger

    I have no agenda at all. I just disagree with you and think you're being ridiculous on this particular point. You seem to think a Rivian shouldn't ever charge at a Supercharger if they might block a 2nd stall and you keep saying "he blocked 3 other cars" to make your point sound more dramatic...
  6. Conflict at the Supercharger

    By that logic, every single vehicle that is charging when there is someone waiting is "blocking" other vehicles. That's an absurd bit of logic. Using the charger to charge your vehicle to the level you need for your own trip (including some buffer that you want to be safe) is not "blocking"...
  7. Conflict at the Supercharger

    For the record: I dislike Elon. I am very critical of his recent decisions wrt the supercharging team. I am also critical of the design of V3 stations because of the conflict it will create as network opens up to non-Tesla vehicles. I also reject any notion that this is the customers' problem to...
  8. YouTube App and Google Cast video streaming coming to Rivian infotainment system

    Yeah, I definitely want Waze so I can be routed down small neighborhood streets with speed bumps instead of staying on the main road that's 5 ft longer.
  9. 2025 Standard Pack LFP Battery EPA Test data released. Heat pump confirmed

    If they really have ditched the 21" option, I will probably grab an aftermarket 20" wheel when my OEM set die. That Michelin Defender's load rating of 113 isn't high enough, unfortunately. Would be theoretically fine at the GWVR, but with a lower safety margin/buffer than it should have.
  10. Rich Rebuilds deep dive into EVs getting totalled by insurance companies

    That seems like as much of a problem with the shop as it is with insurance. Give good quotes, get the work. Give ridiculous quotes, car is totaled and sent to a junk yard. Seems like shops need to get their crap in order.
  11. PSA for EVolveNY network

    The filtering issue is an interesting one. Seems like many stations are rated exactly 150 kWh, so that seems like an unfortunate cutoff point for the filter. Rivian should re-consider whether the cutoff should actually be <150 vs. >150. Small but critical difference.
  12. BEWARE - EVGo at Pilot Flying J - ripoff pricing

    Looks like maybe that's one of the few stations that still charge by the minute -- based on the EA Pass+ discount rate of $0.33/min? With really fast-charging cars, that's always been much cheaper than per kWh rates.
  13. Flat tire. No spare.

    Yes, that's right. I did miss that step. Easier to put the leak at the bottom than to make sure the leaking area is accessible for me to plug.
  14. BEWARE - EVGo at Pilot Flying J - ripoff pricing

    The pricing is highly dependent on the area and what other competition is around. I've found a number of big gas stations right off the interstate that are the cheapest around, and by a good margin, because they're actively competing against other stations a mile or two up the road. Billboards...
  15. Flat tire. No spare.

    They include it because it's significantly easier to "get right" for most drivers. It's much easier for people to understand the process. Connect a container to the valve, empty the container, inflate tire, move along. It's also less physically demanding -- not from a strength perspective but...
  16. Entire Tesla Supercharger team fired (Update: Elon Musk says supercharger network growth will continue). ** ⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS **

    It's really weird to make an argument like, "This person succeeded at a few different things, therefore everything they do is above question." It's also really weird to see someone argue that they think companies are successful only when the leadership is constantly at odds with each other.
  17. US Postal Service Tests RDV 500 Van

    That does seem like a particularly weird complaint that's entirely based on someone wanting to find a problem and not thinking about how the current thing works. If the complaint was about potential theft, I could maybe understand the flawed logic, but... "once the driver is seated and has...
  18. YouTube App and Google Cast video streaming coming to Rivian infotainment system

    Just to clarify, since I have no Chrome devices, will this show up on my iPhone automatically without installing anything extra? It will look just like all of my AirPlay/2 devices? I have a Roku stick and a Roku TV that support Airplay2, but everything else I have is Apple including an AppleTV.
  19. US Postal Service Tests RDV 500 Van

    Not all USPS vehicles deliver to residential areas and not all residential areas have single-family homes or even row homes. A letter carrier delivering mail to a large apartment building doesn't need a right-hand steering wheel. They get out of the truck and stand by the cluster of mailboxes...
  20. G(e) wagon gets tank turn 😳

    There's also a big Chinese EV SUV that has it for doing a 180 in a parking lot. Can't remember the model, but it's one of the BYD sister brands.