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  1. Guess it was my time - 12v is dead

    i bet the car works fine. Same thing happened to my wifes R1s last week. Got the warning, she drove it just fine. Service said measured voltage was fine, just set off the replacement warning. I pulled up the RIDE menu and it was 13.4 volts. They just replaced the battery this past monday.
  2. First Charge with A2Z NACS to CCS adapter (success!)

    V1 and 2 are not set up to charge ccs cars. So likely it just won’t initiate a charge
  3. First Charge with A2Z NACS to CCS adapter (success!)

    Also for the magic dock you don’t need the app either. Hold the button on the charger for two seconds then push the whole thing in and it’ll come out with the ccs adapter in place.
  4. First Charge with A2Z NACS to CCS adapter (success!)

    what do you mean unlock the tesla charger? You can just remove it from the pedestal. Did it not automatically start charging when you plugged it into the rivian?
  5. Need more range for skiing

    Charge it to 100 next time and youre good to go!
  6. Need more range for skiing

    Dont forget the significant elevation gain on the trip TO the mountain. Trip home should've been a lot more efficient. Shouldve just sent it. :CWL:
  7. Software Update 2023.42.0 is out (⚠️ UPDATE: OTA fix rolling out today 11/15/23)

    very pleased that this can be fixed OTA. I really was dreading having to wait for service or having to take the car in. To me this is a no harm no foul kind of situation. I still commuted in my r1t, wasn’t stranded anywhere, and I’m not put at an inconvenience to get it fixed. (Assuming the fix...
  8. Software Update 2023.42.0 is out (⚠️ UPDATE: OTA fix rolling out today 11/15/23)

    Im just concerned that there will not be an OTA fix. That wording doesnt explicitly say its an OTA fix, which makes me wonder if it will require either a mobile or service visit.
  9. R1T with noisy front suspension...

    Just put the suspension in highest mode, and no you dont have to remove any wheel liners. You can reach all the bushings. Just make sure you only use silicone spray or white lithium spray (i prefer silicone). Any petroleum based lubricant will degrade the bushings.
  10. R1T with noisy front suspension...

    I think a lot of the creeks and noises in the suspension are from the bushings. I went around with some silicone spray one weekend and lightly sprayed each joint. The difference was amazing. Didn't last forever though. Makes me tempted to take the suspension apart and use some real silicone grease.
  11. Installed Second Horn (Hella) on my Rivian

    Awesome. Will likely be doing the same. The single horn is pitiful.
  12. Floor console organizer with cup holders - R1T

    Same, it works great. No complaints
  13. R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    I'm a 9/21 R1s reservation holder, and have been asking for shop access for months now. No luck. I'd pretty much buy any configuration on there. Why wont they just take my money!
  14. Scheduled Charging: Are Friday’s not the weekday?

    Its a bug since the last update. I reported it to service last week. hoping it gets fixed. For now, i just left my schedule on everyday and it works fine.
  15. Version 2023.06.05 Hotfix for Driver+ Front Camera

    Installed this morning. Drove from Lakeland to Tampa, usually good for two disconnects. Now I made it the entire way without any issues. Also feels like the lane centering, lane line recognition and distance keeping are better. Maybe placebo effect, but it works a ton better so far.
  16. Anyone else get 2023.6.5 software update?

    My driver+ works so much better after the update. Need to do some more testing but I had zero issues today on a route I have driven many times before.