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    Wrapping skid plate

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    Am I missing something?

    Thank you
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    Am I missing something?

    Any idea what that " stick " is?
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    Am I missing something?

    Is this how the underside of the driver sideview mirror supposed to look like, or am I missing a cap/cover on the "R" side of the Rivian lettering? The driver side view mirror looks different. Thanks in advance
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    R1T Tree Stump Pull!

    Gary would be proud
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    Trip to Pinnacle National Park and their charging infrastructure + camping

    What's the company behind those Level 2 chargers?
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    Current status of new RAN charging station near Yosemite National Park

    Anyone know why this TESLA site has an "F" score on Rivian's Navigation system?
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    G(e) wagon gets tank turn 😳

    What does it mean PER ACTIVATION?
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    Best view yet of Underbody Shield (R1 rollover)

    This better be PHOTOSHOP
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    Who's got the most miles?

    Any battery degradation? Bigger concerns?