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  1. oskeei

    Michelin Defender LTX Platinum tires review update!

    He is coming from 21" so the 60 ratio match (less than 1% difference) to the original 21" set.
  2. oskeei

    2025 Standard Pack LFP Battery EPA Test data released. Heat pump confirmed

    I'm seeing the 20" Defenders for about $300 installed at CostCo so I figure when (if) released the 21" shouldn't be that much more. I think that $400 figure floating around is a high estimate. I guess we'll see.
  3. oskeei

    2025 Standard Pack LFP Battery EPA Test data released. Heat pump confirmed

    I suspect many will just buy a 20" rim vice paying $400/tire for IMHO a poor value when compared to 20" options from other brands.
  4. oskeei

    2025 Standard Pack LFP Battery EPA Test data released. Heat pump confirmed

    July 2024 is what I've seen consistently since last summer. Some have reported Michelin reps have responded that the size is not on the radar. Maybe a fire sale by Pirelli on the 21" tires?
  5. oskeei

    Time for a new hat!

    I did something very similar (regular Rivian logo hat) that I wore to protect my head from the sun. I got shop access less than a month after I started sporting the new cap. Hope same success rate for you.
  6. oskeei

    Wisconsin FS: Set of 4 AT Wheels/Tires with 4 Bonus AT Tires (8 Tires total, 4 wheels)

    I could offer $1750 for just the rims. Can pay cash and can pick up as early as Friday this week. Easy excuse to do a Wisconsin ice cream/custard and beer run from Illinois.
  7. oskeei

    Any leaks around 2024.15 yet?

    Get a feeling we'll get a surprise this week. I got mine 13 months ago and feel like something has been pushed out every month.
  8. oskeei

    Rivian R1S at Google I/O today

    Apple last week and Google this week. Must mean we are getting Carplay AND Andorid Auto. My diesel truck has AA wireless and love it.
  9. oskeei

    A beer for Rivian owners

    Noted for my next trip to your neck of the woods. My S won't probably make it with me, but I'll just take pride knowing I can supporting a fellow Rivian driver.
  10. oskeei

    A beer for Rivian owners

    Kona was actually one of the brands divested by Inbev. Interestingly I saw that Kona is investing in infrastructure locally on the islands and shifting the focus back to where it started. I think craft beer was so much better when it was much more localized. Been a homebrewer and craft beer...
  11. oskeei

    Full vehicle PPF wrap -- what'd you pay, and how do you like it? SoCal checking in.

    3M 200 Series Matte full for my S AND 3M Ceramic IR tint on everything but roof for $6,500 last spring. I think he gave me a favorable price (based on market research) to be able to say he had completed a Rivian.
  12. oskeei

    A beer for Rivian owners

    Was planning for a beer run this weekend and saw this. If anyone has tried much appreciated on feedback.
  13. oskeei

    Affordable Winter Wheels Setup: Ram 2363

    Yes, very easy to over-torque from personal experience.
  14. oskeei

    Affordable Winter Wheels Setup: Ram 2363

    Have those exact model from Amazon. Zero issues last fall when I built the set. Just buy them and attach yourself?
  15. oskeei

    Got a refund on my Rivian insurance 😆

    That DID make me laugh. Lived in Alexandria and Fairfax area for most of the '00s and had to commute every day. My wife (then fiance) moved out to work at a practice in Georgetown after Vet. School. Took about 3 months of living and commuting before she said she was moving back to Central...
  16. oskeei

    Overcharging for tire rotation

    It goes high enough to line up with the lugs on the R1.
  17. oskeei

    Overcharging for tire rotation

    Tire dolly Huge help with moving and positioning wheels for rotations. Goes on sale for $99 frequently.
  18. oskeei

    Michelin Defender LTX M/S2 coming in 21 inch

    "these" = the 55/21 or 50/21? I'll wait for CostCo or Sams to stock and hopefully I can save $10/tire by buying the warehouse X LT A/S 2 version.