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  1. defcon888

    Volvo EM30.......more expensive than an R1S.

    This story came across my feed today. Pricing starts at a pretty hefty $114,000 for something that has a smaller battery. To get something that is worth driving would be another $20k I would think. Zero to 62 miles per hour in 8.3 seconds.....LOLOLOL 459 miles on a 106kW battery?.......yeah...
  2. defcon888

    R1T in the shop for headlight issue

    We are not giving up on our R1T....here's why.....Rivian is a great company that takes care of its customers. We took possession of our R1T on May 3rd. We took it and got it PPF'd and about a week later we started getting "Headlight System Not Working". So, we took it in and they gave us a...