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  1. BrentInCO

    Colorado WTB 20” Black AT wheel

    I’m looking to buy either just the wheel or wheel + tire combo as a full size spare tire for my R1S. I’m willing to go in on a set of 4 if can find 3 more people to join me, commit. I’ll also ask a service center rep in person next time I’m there as using Rivian’s 888 # in the Gear Shop got me...
  2. BrentInCO

    Are DUAL MOTOR R1s experiencing front tire wear like Quads in Conserve mode?

    For any Dual Motor R1 owners with more than 5,000 miles on your vehicle, have you (or your professional tire shop) measured any unusual or significant tread wear on your front tires, like Quad owners experience when using Conserve mode (in non-highway situations)? I just saw a post in a Rivian...
  3. BrentInCO

    First Dual Motor R1T appears in R1 Shop!

    I’ve been monitoring the Shop every day for dual motors … first time seeing a dual motor available. I’m holding out for my max pack.
  4. BrentInCO

    First R1S ascent of Engineer Pass, Colorado? (Elevation 12,800 ft)

    First R1S ascent of Engineer Pass? For those wondering about range, I fully charged in Telluride (306 miles of range in Conserve mode), had to drive all the way around to Placerville and Ridgway before starting my approach (via Hurricane and California Passes), since Ophir Pass is not open yet...
  5. BrentInCO

    R1S donut Spare Tire / Kit for sale?

    Any R1S owners in Colorado happen to receive the official Rivian donut spare tire / kit, and be willing to sell it?
  6. BrentInCO

    Lucid now has Wireless Apple Car Play . . . will Rivian put this on their road map?

    Lucid now has Wireless Apple Car Play . . . will Rivian put this on their road map? https://lucidmotors.com/air/connectivity?utm_source=marketingcloud&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=carplay_launch_aud_handraisers_us_20230323&utm_content=hero_content_block&utm_term=us_handraisers
  7. BrentInCO

    Vehicle won't release my EVSE charger handle (Clipper Creek HCS-D50P home charger)

    My R1S won't release my EVSE's charger handle after charging is complete. Any solutions? I'm using my Clipper Creek HCS-D50P 40amp dual charger (capable of charging 2 vehicles at the same time, as I also have a Tesla, which I've had for 5 years and been using this EVSE to charge), but for some...
  8. BrentInCO

    Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier

    Any R1S (or potentially R1T) owners purchased a hitch-mounted spare tire carrier yet? If so, any recommendations? Also, any existing R1S owners willing to measure the hitch for me to see if there's at least 4 and 1/2 inches from the hitch pin hole towards the front of the vehicle? I should be...
  9. BrentInCO

    404 error instead of seeing R1S & R1T Shop

    Anyone had this issue and know how to overcome it? I’ve emailed my Guide, of course. 404 Error popped up suddenly today for both the R1S Shop and R1T Shop, so now I can’t see either. Before today, I only had R1S Shop access. I was granted R1T Shop access today. (I have reservations for both...
  10. BrentInCO

    Flat Tire Burst

    From Facebook group Rivian Electric Vehicles Discussion
  11. BrentInCO

    Can California be the Saudi Arabia of lithium?